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Linette Ray



Linette has been photographing shows for several years, the last two years being the beginning of her professional career. When she isn't photographing concerts she's playing with her dog, hanging out with her best friends or fiance, randomly breaking into song or watching It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. 

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Mandy Spring


I'm Amanda Spring from Richmond, RI. I started taking photos in fourth grade and from there my passion grew. Around 2005 I developed a love for music and always wanted to be part of a band. The closest way of accomplishing that for me, was to become a band photographer! I have been taking band photos professionally under the RIP Photography moniker since 2012, and have been continually growing my business and expanding my portfolio ever since.


Cassidy Crosby


Cassidy is a musician and Monmouth University alumni based out of New Jersey. She received a B.A. in Music Industry in 2019. Cassidy specializes in live music, artist management, and digital marketing. Since starting piano lessons at age 6, she knew she had a passion for music. She is currently a bassist in several bands, a session musician, and a music teacher herself! She’s worked with companies like Live Nation, Warner Music Group, and Backstage. Cassidy loves listening to punk rock and alternative music, some of her favorite artists being Blink-182, The Menzingers, and The Interrupters. She’s excited to be writing about some great music!


Jessie wells


My name is Jessica and I have been doing photography since 2012. I strive to create a unique shot that is like nothing you've seen before. Action shots are my specialty and I'm determined to provide the best possible shots I can. Photography is my escape from everything going on!


Palak Jayswal


Palak Jayswal is an aspiring music journalist who loves all things music. She writes for several music publications including Mystic Music Magazine, Soundigest, United By Pop, and SLUG Magazine. Her writing has garnered attention from global music industry press teams.


Kiersten Gerard


Kiersten is a college senior studying arts administration and writing. She is a both a music lover and music maker, with an EP and a few singles out on all music sharing platforms under the name Kiersten Gerard. Writing for Mystic gives Kiersten the opportunity to combine her two greatest loves: music and writing! Her other favorite things include crocheting, ducks, the ocean, and Taylor Swift.