Linette Ray



Linette has been photographing shows for several years, the last two years being the beginning of her professional career. When she isn't photographing concerts she's playing with her dog, hanging out with her best friends or boyfriend, randomly breaking into song or watching It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. 

Melissa Zhuang



Hello! This is Melliza Zhuang or Mels for short. She achieved this nickname when she got a princess pink Nintendo DS Lite in first grade and she was too lazy to tap out her full name. She currently attends Chapman University's film program in Orange, CA and she hopes to become an amazing film editor in the future. She enjoys spraying siracha sauce on her food, forcing friends to model for her pictures and sitting by running water after long hikes. She enjoys listening to artists such as One OK Rock, Panic! At The Disco, Lady Gaga, Oral Cigarettes, Fall Out Boy and movie soundtracks (Pirates of the Caribbean is always a classic and the Spirit soundtrack is great for road-trips). She is excited to join the Mystic Music Magazine family!

Emma Bick


Emma is a photographer based in Syracuse, NY. Music has been a monumental part of her life, with her picking up the guitar and bass guitar in the past few years. She wanted to capture her love for music, which is why she started shooting shows. She has been shooting in her local scene for a little over a year now.

Mandy Spring


I'm Amanda Spring from Richmond, RI. I started taking photos in fourth grade and from there my passion grew. Around 2005 I developed a love for music and always wanted to be part of a band. The closest way of accomplishing that for me, was to become a band photographer! I have been taking band photos professionally under the RIP Photography moniker since 2012, and have been continually growing my business and expanding my portfolio ever since.

Lauren Shelburne


Lauren Shelburne is a multimedia journalist and social media strategist based in Los Angeles. She specializes in music promotion doing photography and videography for live shows, behind-the-scenes, album art and musician portraits. Lauren also works in social media marketing, working with small businesses, non-profits, and in the entertainment sphere. An LA native herself, Lauren has returned to the city after studying journalism and public relations at California Baptist University to pursue her career in media. Lauren in  serious Canon fan, shooting with their cameras for the past ten years. When she is not attending shows for work, Lauren enjoys listening to Alabama Shakes, Fleetwood Mac, Queen, AC/DC, The Buttertones and whatever new indie rock bands Spotify throws her way.

Caroline Moll



Caroline is a music photographer and writer out of Boston, MA. Both of her passions began as a high school student and she has spent the past few years growing as a content creator, exploring different styles and fields, working with talented content creators and loving every second of it all. She is an avid punk rock listener, comic book collector and gaming enthusiast. 

Bella Boutiette


Bella has been a photographer for the past year and a half ranging from big artists to lesser known ones. Being based in Massachusetts has allowed her to be a part of one of the most progressive local scenes. Taking part in the local scene has always been one of her favorite parts of music because not only do you get to see many talented musicians but you become like a family over time. Bella has always had a love for music and hopes to make a career in the industry some day. Some of her favorite bands include Knocked Loose, Degrader, Trash Boat, Wisdom and War, and Bicycle Inn.

Victoria Schmidt


Victoria is a photographer based out of San Diego, California after being based in Kansas City, Missouri in the past. She has been a music photographer for over 8 years and has been part of 3 national tours including Warped Tour. Some of her favorite bands to photograph include The 1975, The Greeting Committee, Twenty One Pilots, KITTEN, and more. She hopes to bring concerts to life through her photography for years to come.

Lily Griffin


Hey there, my name is Lily Griffin, I'm 17 years old and I'm a photographer based in Charlotte, North Carolina. I'm a huge concert enthusiast, coffee connoisseur and puppy trainer! When I'm not taking photos or training puppies, I'm probably traveling, snacking or online shopping. I shot my first show in 2017 and my favorite artists I've shot are I Don't Know How, But They Found Me and Conan Gray!

Jessie wells


My name is Jessica and I have been doing photography since 2012. I strive to create a unique shot that is like nothing you've seen before. Action shots are my specialty and I'm determined to provide the best possible shots I can. Photography is my escape from everything going on!