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A Day To Remember w/ I Prevail, Beartooth, Can't Swim - The War Memorial 11/12/19

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Photos and Review courtesy of Emma Bick

I Prevail

Can't Swim


A Day To Remember


I was lucky enough to catch A Day To Remember last week, on their massive arena tour promoting their new album, You’re Welcome. Their last album release was back in 2016, with the self-published record Bad Vibrations. They stopped at The War Memorial in Syracuse for a show.

The first act up was Can’t Swim. Having just released their EP Foreign Language, they started out the show with a bang. I really enjoyed hearing their new songs, I felt that they translated very well into the live environment, which can turn out to be tricky with newer material like this.

Next up on the bill was Beartooth. I actually popped out to see them at their show in Buffalo this past spring supporting their new album Disease. I was very pleased, I felt their shows contained a very good vibe, and this set was no exception. They played a good mix of their older material and their newer material. I’ve noticed that at many shows I have attended recently, the artists focus more on their newer material (which can be expected, as the newer stuff is, well, newer), but this was far from the case with Beartooth.

I Prevail, who also recently released new music (a record entitled Trauma), captivated the crowd. One of the big things that jumped out at me about their set was how reactive the crowd was. There were a few parts throughout their set where their vocalists would stop singing, but you could just hear the crowd roaring the words in their place. The crowd persistently kept in motion while I Prevail was on the stage.

After much anticipation, A Day To Remember took the stage to close out the night. A giant white curtain dropped to show their all-white stage setup, as they began their set with The Downfall Of Us All. The visual aspect of their performance stood out to me the most. There was not much that they didn’t have; confetti, streamers, fire, smoke, and even a live video feed with parts of the show/the crowd playing with graphics over it. Much like with Can’t Swim, I really enjoyed hearing their new songs in a live environment. They had both Degenerates and Rescue Me (featuring Marshmello) on their set that night, which both had monumental reactions from those at the War Memorial that night. Closing with an encore of If It Means A Lot To You, All Signs Point To Lauderdale, and The Plot To Bomb The Panhandle, the crowd roared as the show came to it’s close, and the night ended.

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