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American Authors w/ Public, Magic Giant - The Crofoot 2/23/20

Photos and Review courtesy of Jessie Wells


Magic Giant

American Authors


Public started out this amazing night with a bang! They returned to perform after a week of being sick, but in all honesty you couldn’t tell they had been sick. Half way through their set they did an absolutely stunning cover of “Toxic”. Every song they captured the audience’s attention and held on to it. When they announced they were playing “4 her” the crowd screamed went insane!! Public finished their set off with “Make You Mine”, which is their first song to be played on the radio; a song about true love and the sacraficies you make to make it work.

American authors brought out a plinko board to determine who played first. Both American Authors and Magic Giant started out their set by performing “Believer” together. They played a mixture of old and new songs, as well as combing some of their songs with Magic Giants. The crowd was screaming for more after every song. I have never seen a line up where they share the whole set but it was an amazing performance! 

Magic giant performed their newer song “Disaster Party”, which they are going to be playing on Good Morning America soon. Their energy is very contagious, you can tell that they love what they do. Every song they are dancing around and giving it their all!  They performed an acoustic set in the middle of the crowd. Magic Giant is a very talented band, multiple members were playing different instruments. I highly recommend seeing all these bands live!

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