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Brittany Howard - The Palladium 1/22/20

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

Photos and Review courtesy of Lauren Shelburne


The Citi Sound Vault curated a special 4-night event at Hollywood's Palladium featuring top names in music including Brittany Howard on Jan. 22. Howard's debut solo album "Jamie" dropped Sept. 20, 2019 with ATO Records. Her song "History Repeats" has been nominated for Best Rock Song and Best Rock Performance for this Sunday's 62nd annual Grammy Awards.  Howard graced the stage in a gold, shimmering, floor-length coat that reflected around the room as her infectious energy filled the room. She opened with "He Loves Me" adorning her guitar and shelling out solos that reminisced of her days with Alabama Shakes. Howard was backed by a talented 8-person band that supported her every note in harmony. For "Georgia" she set her guitar down and audience members swayed and danced to her R&B leaning beats, a break from her alt-rock roots that is reflected throughout the album.  What was apparent throughout the set was that Howard was loving life and in her element. This was my 3rd time seeing her perform, but the first time for her solo project and you can feel the soul and heart echoing through her songs. She danced across the stage giving her all for every bellowing note that only Howard can bring to the stage. 

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