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Counterparts w/ Varials, Stray From The Path, Chamber, End - The Palladium 11/23/19

Photos and review courtesy of Bella Boutiette


Stray From the Path





Counterparts closed out the Private Room 2.0 tour in Worcester, MA with a sold out show. The room filled quickly as everyone showed up early for the openers. Chamber kicked off the night bringing tons of energy to the crowd. Following Chamber was End. Also fronted by the Counterparts vocalist it was certainly a treat to see them up on the stage.

After them was Varials. Recently releasing a record, titled “In Darkness”, they played some fan favorites and some new tracks. Included in the new tracks they played off of “In Darkness” was the song “South Of One” featuring Brendan Murphy, who came out to fulfill the guest vocals spot. Varials also brought out Liam Geary of Degrader, a band based out of MA, to do guest vocals for their track “Empire Of Dirt.”

The fourth band to hit the stage has traveled the world with Counterparts. The crowd enjoyed seeing Stray From The Path play some of their biggest hits. Included in their setlist was the single “Kickback” released before their newest album “Internal Atomics” with guest vocals from Brendan Murphy. Brendan hit the stage again to do guest vocals on the track before the final set of the night.

Finally to close out the night was Counterparts. “Will you love me when there’s nothing left to love” the crowd sang along with the first song of the night. There wasn’t a moment where the crowd stood still. Stage diving, crowd surfing and moshing all took place the entire time Counterparts took the stage. They played new songs off of “Nothing Left To Love” which was released on November 1st. They had also played some old hits of theirs as well. They closed the night out playing “The Disconnect” and in the final few lines of the song the crowd joined the band up on stage with one giant group hug. A perfect ending to an amazing night and an amazing tour.

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