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Review: Harry Styles' Single "Lights Up"

Written by Linette Ray

On 10/10/19 the internet frenzied when Harry Styles started replying to and liking tweets, posting to his Instagram story and sending Spotify notifications about the new single. I, as well as hundreds of thousands of other fans, were legitimately not sure how to react.

Two years after the release of his debut self titled album, fans waited until midnight for the single and music video to drop and it was life-changing to say the least.

A sweaty, shirtless Harry Styles put all of us in our feels and the facial expressions being served made our hearts melt. The muted tones of the video contrasted nicely with the upbeat and light-hearted feel of the song. Styles' provided clear, clean, powerful vocals filled with emotion which drew listeners to the song more. The video was full of presumed symbols connecting to the previous album and fans began to form theories about what the song could mean.

All I can say is that this track and video definitely set the tone for Styles' sophomore album, which is all about "having sex and feeling sad."

How did you feel about the music video? Did you like the song? Let us know below!

Watch the music video here:

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