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Interview: Hotplug

Interviewed by Berenice Hueramo

Mystic Music got the chance to sit down with California based indie rock band Hotplug! Hotplug will be releasing their self-titled EP on May 28th, so keep an eye out for it!

Check out the interview Berenice did below and tell us what you think!

Hotplug! Introduce yourselves?

Luke- Singer and I play some keys and guitar when needed.

Matteo- I play the guitar, keys and a bit of vocals.

Anthony- Bass, guitar and a lil bit of keys.

Jamie- Drums and keys!

How did you guys meet?

Jamie- “We were 5 years old”

Anthony- “ We all kind of met through elementary school, Jamie, Matteo and I have known each other since we were 5 years old and Luke since we were about 11”

Luke- “Yeah I went to their school in the 6th grade”

Anthony- “We started playing together around the same time we met Luke so that was when the music aspect of it started”

So you guys were basically children when you guys started off?

Luke - “This is honestly band number 2 for us”

Anthony- “Yeah not this particular project that we are doing now but as far as playing music and jamming since we were about 11 and just having a good time with it. “

Matteo- “Us 4 played one show at recess one time and we thought it was really bad and it bummed us out so much that we broke up the band- a bad recess show”

What was the main inspiration behind the band?

Anthony- “we have all wanted to give it a more serious attempt other than for fun. So the idea of moving into a house together and giving it our all and let's see what we can actually do if we give it a real effort and see it as a second job. Everyone is interested in playing music but now just trying to see how far we can push that. Trying to see what we can really do if we give it a good amount of energy”

Okay, so what is the meaning behind the name?

Matteo- “We watch a lot of TV and when the TV wasn't behaving the screen would pop up and say HDMI port 3 hot plug not found and we were all like Hotplug, sick, super cool and so we threw it on the list of band names. We had a lot of contenders on the list. I remember nap time.”

Luke- “Nap time almost made it

Matteo - “That was a close one, happy birthday outdoor group was close, space wizard but that was taken”

Jamie-”Yeah space wizard would've been good “

Matteo- “So we sat on Hotplug for a bit and Hotplug is actually a component that can be added to a system without altering that system at all and also we are immature and we like the innuendo of a Hotplug like a drug dealer. Yeah thats why it was the winner “

If you had to explain your music genre to someone who hasnt listened to it, what would you guys say?

Matteo- “indie rock

Jamie- “we have a little bit of reach and a bit of a disco feel sometimes. Indie tronic, but yeah indie rock is a good way to describe”

What is the creative process behind the scenes?

Jamie- “it's different every time”

Anthony- “Super varied, there are a couple of songs on the EP that Matteo had fairly structured that he came to us with the ability to add a little bit of spin to them. I would say that those are pretty much still his songs and that's where they came from but other songs like Crystal Beth a new song is something that kind of organically happened. I started playing bass and Jamie played drums and it kind of just kept going”

Luke- “Spontaneous”

Anthony- “Yeah or someone created an idea and we kind of jam on it and see where it goes, free flowing not super specific”.

Matteo-“Production is 99 percent our sound guy Alex he is our x factor for sure we will sit with him and throw out ideas of what we want and try our best to articulate that with him but he actually puts it together and makes it happen.”

Jamie- “Yeah we will just tell him what we are missing and he will listen to it and he can figure out what it's missing. Definitely the master of the sound space”

Anthony- “We all have complimentary traits. We have specific traits so that when we all come together it all works out really well.”

Who inspires you guys the most either an artist or a band?

Luke-”Parcels” an Australian band.

Anthony- “ I wouldn't say this band directly influences but definitely inspires me. Dive- I like their sound a lot.”

Matteo- “Alt-J, a group I am very very fond of, their first album was a game changer for me on how I view music”.

Jamie- I really want that rhythm to sit tight and bands that make me think of that vibe is The Police and The Red Hot Chili Peppers and how they can get a crowd moving. That's what I’m after. Writing music that people can chill with”

What do you guys enjoy the most of being in a band together?

Matteo- “my favorite thing is that I liked writing music for a while but it is cool to see our ideas fully fleshed out and our creative process”

Anthony- “Yeah I can agree with that the satisfaction of seeing it go from where it started and how it comes together. Watching us get better at what we do such as the quality. Like damn, yeah we are actually making some progress and it gives us motivation when it gets tedious in the studio”

Jamie- “Production quality has been cool to watch rise because we started off just buying random equipment when it was just Anthony, Alex and I. No one really knew what they were doing. Yeah just watching the ability to produce songs that are on par with other indie artists has been really exciting especially since we do it from our own house.”

Luke - “Yeah I would say that I am a bit behind compared to everyone on the music stuff but it has been a really cool opportunity for growth and learning about music and production and all these different instruments. So it's been a really cool opportunity to learn a lot and that in itself has a lot of value.”

Any plans post covid or upcoming things?

Anthony- “We are really interested in playing some shows. We are hoping to play some outdoor shows this summer but nothing specific. We just need to make the transition of playing in our garage to real shows.”

Matteo- “We have an EP coming out with new material that we hope to have released soon in the next month or two and the 6 songs there will touch upon the same genres as our other songs.

Jamie- “Yeah some of these songs on the EP are old songs we wrote and some new songs. We released a couple singles and kept working on new music and realized we were at a spot where we can release an EP. Having a little more music out and having people listen to it is something i'm really excited for”

Where do you guys see yourself a year from now?

Jamie- “Definitely playing shows. Get out there a bit more and maybe an album worth of material and just getting smoother as a band”

Matteo- “More fairly established in the sacramento music scene within a year”

Anthony- “It’s a wait and see. Hopefully get feedback from other people. Playing shows and making our process more efficient.”

Jamie- “Hopefully playing with more local bands out there. Local music is all about staying connected as a community and that's what covid has taken away from us the ability to connect with other musicians. So getting the chance to do that would be great.”

Top songs at the moment?

Matteo- “The magician by babe rainbow - best song on planet earth on my opinion”

Anthony- “Domino by corridor, a french band”

Jamie- “Days to remember- by Video Age”

Luke- “The hours by beach house”

Dream music festival to perform at?

Matteo- “Outside lands definitely feels like our style”

Luke- “Outside lands? Not coachella? But yeah Outside lands seems more of our style”

Matteo- “BURNING MAN!”

Jamie- “haha yeah burning man for sure!”

Anthony- “yeah Outside Lands”

Ending notes

Matteo- “Follow us, like and subscribe!”

Luke- “our tik tok only going to get better”

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