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Interview: Morganne

Written by Kiersten Gerard

Morganne is a recent college graduate cranking out hit after hit from her bedroom in Oak Park Illinois. We had the opportunity to chat with her about her love of Lalapalooza, her writing process, and reconnecting with your inner child.

When did your relationship with music begin?

I grew up in a very musical household, My mom and sister both sing. I was involved with theater and dancing and all of that. It was my dream to be a pop star, so around age 7 to age age 11 I was writing songs all the time. Then suddenly I stopped, and later began to lose all of my creative outlets. I was in 3 choirs in middle school but I didn’t have time to be in any in high school. Then I chose to be on the dance team instead of being in theater, but I ended up getting hurt so I wasn’t able to either. I was in this kind of depressive, non creative purgatory for the latter half of high school into the first half of college. One night I found that Billie Eilish music video where she has the black paint pouring from her eyes and I went on a deep dive of her for the rest of the night. I stayed up until 5am and then had the realization that if this young a** girl could do it then why couldn’t I? I decided then that I would start writing again. I asked my friends if they knew any producers, one of them did, and he produced my first song. This is something I’ve always wanted to do and I needed to fulfill that little girl inside of me. A lot of it has been connecting with my inner child. 8 year old Morganne knew who the f*ck she was and what she wanted so I’ve spent a lot of time rekindling that relationship with her.

Do you have a structured writing process?

I don’t have a defined process but I do usually follow a pattern. I start with an idea, then I write the lyrics and the melody. What typically happens is I’ll write a verse and a chorus, and then stop for months. Then I eventually come back and finish. Another way I really like to write is to get an instrumental demo from a produce and write on top of it.

What one song could describe your life right now?

I’d say “Wait a Minute” by Willow Smith. It’s got that spring/summery vibe and I’m in a period of waiting right now. Waiting for my career to pick up, to work on some new projects, to release more music. All very exciting things, it's good waiting.

Who is your all time favorite artist?

Since she inspired me to pursue music and her career is f*cking crazy, I’d have to say Billie Eilish. She changed the game for an entire generation of artists. Everything has been revolutionized and I think a lot of that has to do with her and her brother. That first record was produced in her bedroom and thats how a lot of people have begun to make music, especially over quarantine. They’ve paved the way for DIY artists and helped the industry to take them more seriously. And she’s a bad b*tch.

Who are you listening to right now?

I’ve recently been listening to a lot of music i used to listen to when I was younger, like Santigold. She’s been a huge inspiration to me because her stuff was just so weird, and it’s still so weird but it’s also so good. I want to make stuff like that. She’s got spooky vibes and I love it. I’ve also found recently that I’ve been drawn to a lot of Black British artists. Someone I follow on Tik Tok posted a playlist of British artists and so I’ve been listening to a lot of Arlo Parks and Tora. They’ve been knockin’ it out of the park.

Do you have a dream venue to play?

I’ve got a few. When I was living in Columbia Missouri for school there was a really great art and music scene. There are a couple of venues in town that I would’ve loved to play, and probably would’ve if Covid hadn’t happened. The ultimate goal is Lollapalooza. I grew up going there and I have it all planned out in my head.

Any future release plans?

I recently sat down and wrote a cutesy ukulele song start to finish in an hour and I think it’s the best song I’ve ever written. It’s about my long distance relationship with my boyfriend because we met right before I left for school. It hasn’t yet been recorded but I’d like for it to be my next release.

What is the best advice you’ve received?

I got the chance to sit down and chat with Conan Avery and he said to “let go of your expectations of the outcome.” I’m big on visualizing and manifesting, but having strict expectations can hold you back and often leave you disappointed. What’s going to happen is going to happen, and if you keep holding onto that expectation it’ll keep you from moving onto the next thing.

What advice do you have for people that want to make music?

Stop telling yourself you can’t do it. It’s rare, but people do it everyday. Straight up. People decide that they are going to become musicians and then they do it. You can do what you want to do because people do it all the time! Don’t tell yourself no. You should do what you want to do and do what you feel you are meant to do.

Anything to plug?

My newest release “If I Only Knew.” It’s about meeting your soulmate when you’re about to die or they’re about to die. You meet them right at the end with the worst timing and you know if you had met them earlier your whole life history would have been different, maybe better. Despite that you’re still happy you even met them at all.


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