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Interview: Nae

Written by Linette Ray

Florida native, synth-pop artist Nae is bringing a refreshingly new vibe to the scene. With her raw lyricism and addictive melodies, Nae approaches music with a genuine, unfiltered attitude that is sure to relate to those listening to her music. We had the pleasure of interviewing Nae about everything from her writing process to her upcoming single "80s Arcade" out January 10, and you can read the entire interview below!

When did you first realize you wanted to dive into the music industry? Did you have a lot of supporters? Any doubters?

  • I wanted a career in music ever since I started performing for my private school’s church band in middle school and high school. However, I didn’t know where to start or what to do. Day after day, the idea would come to mind. Switching from religious music to my own pop sound and lyrics has certainly affected my current quantity of fans but I have every reason to believe my own fan base will be created very soon. Right now, my family and close friends are my biggest supporters. I’ve always had doubters, but I really could care less! That’s just part of life.

How did you find your sound? Did you dabble in different genres or did you always know you wanted to lean towards more of an indie-synth pop vibe?

  • I’ve always dreamt of being a pop star. I always knew pop was the sound for me. I want to own the stage and perform my music my own way. I actually enjoy listening to country music quite a lot but I knew that wasn’t the correct sound for me. Indie-synth pop vibe is just my jam; I’ve always loved that vibe.

What’s your writing process like? Do you start with a melody and write lyrics to accompany the music or do you start with lyrics and find the melody afterwards?

  • Most of my music so far has started with the melody and I write lyrics to accompany the music. However, before my producer and I create the melody, I have a concept chosen already and this sets the mood for the sound we want to create.

How did you come up with the title for your single “80s Arcade?” What was the inspiration behind the track?

  • I wanted to write a fun, upbeat song on the topic of love. I actually laid eyes on an arcade game at my recording studio and it made me instantly think about the 80’s, this was the moment I created the title.. I’ve always had an obsession with the 80’s. I wasn’t fortunate enough to live through it, but I just love everything about that time. I love the hairstyles, the outfits, the images, all of it. So, I wanted to pretend I lived then myself. I wanted everyone who heard the song and watched the music video to feel like they went there too or could relive that moment. I imagine it's hard to have a bad time in an 80’s arcade and that’s really the inspiration for this song.

Some artists shy away from a more honest approach to lyricism in favor of writing specifically for what the crowd wants. What inspires your lyrics?

  • There are so many people in this world. There is an artist for everyone and fans for every artist. I’ve always been extremely upfront and blunt, and I don’t want to change that now. I want to show that off. I am eager for my fans to know me personally, not just an image society wants to place me as. This is why I write my lyrics based on my own experiences, thoughts, and adventures and nothing less.

Since the New Year is upon us, what are your goals for 2020?

  • I am so excited for the New Year. My biggest goal for 2020 is to share my music with as many people as possible and continue bringing them new exciting music to their life. I hope to develop a relationship with my followers as I share moments of my life through the sound of music. Another goal of mine is to release my album in the summertime!

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