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Interview: Say What You Will

Written by Caroline Moll

What inspired you to start making music together?

Shane: When we first started [Say What You Will] we were mostly coming from past bands that had decided to stop making music for one reason or another. We really just wanted to make a band that we felt was fun, create good music, and be professional. Our number one priority was always to make sure we were enjoying what we did with our music and that it was something we were proud of.

Who were your biggest influences starting out, and do you feel like that has changed as you’ve grown?

Ethan: We all have different influence and share some as well. We have been influenced obviously by some of the heavy hitter pop punk bands like Four Year Strong,The Story So Far, ADTR, Taking Back Sunday, New Found Glory, and The Wonder Years. Lately, our influences seem to shift to more multi genre type of stuff that really bridges the gap to a more cohesive style that isn’t as “clicky” or stuck to that “pop punk” stigma. We plan on diving into this more diverse style with the newer music we’ve been working on. (You heard it here first).

Credit: Jamie Slubowski

What has been your biggest challenge as a band?

Shane: I think the biggest challenge we face is schedule conflicts. We all work full time or are in school so we really have to work together to make sure we can schedule practices, tours, shows, and anything else that we’d like to accomplish. But with this challenge, it becomes even more rewarding once we attain a goal that we set out for.

Your bio says your newest album aims to “leave no stone unturned.” Can you elaborate on that a little?

Chuck: This last record was full of exploration and nuances that left all doors wide open for us. I remember listening to our old demos with so many ideas, and Anything, Everything has evolved into so much more than we imagined. From the recording process to running tracks, and embellishing on that in a live setting, we are constantly trying new things and having a blast along the way.

What did you love/hate about creating the music video for Southbound?

Chuck: Filming on the water, close to home made things really cozy for us. It was great being with your friends all day, and being able to spill our creative energy onto Dan ( Just Fly Casual Productions) made the whole day fun. We had some ideas going in, but then finding that catamaran; woah! Too bad it was only in the last shot. The bad: be weary drummers; you’re first up, play all day, and it’s a workout. But you can’t tell that from the video.

What song off of Anything, Everything did you have the most fun writing?

Ethan: I personally had a lot of fun writing the Song “Summer Haze” although the tone of the song is rather deep. This is the last track on the record. Summer Haze tells a fictional story of a person who is close to someone struggling with a drug addiction. This song was written during a pretty bad heroin epidemic that was going on in our hometown and neighboring towns. The story goes back and forth between verse and chorus from each point of view to show the emotional connection that these two people had. This song was written from the third person view and that’s what I love so much about it. I may have written the lyrics, but if you really listen, I’m not the one telling the story. I believe that it’s also a really relatable song for people out there who have been in similar situations.

Did you have an overall goal in mind when you began writing Anything, Everything? If so, do you feel like you achieved it?

Shane: Our biggest goal with this EP was to really find “our” sound. Typically the first EP that a band releases is a good indication of where they are trying to go with their music, but we wanted to make sure we evolved our sound even more. We really picked apart the songs and focused on the tone of not only the entire song, but also what each instrument was doing and why. We really wanted to paint a picture with our music this time around and, again, produce something that puts a smile on our faces and the faces of those who listen along. We do believe we achieved that goal by the feedback we’ve received since its release. It’s definitely a driving factor for us as we begin the process of creating even more new music.

What do you love most about making music and being a part of your local music scene?

Chuck: It’s safe to say, on behalf of the band, that the people make it or break it. We truly are overwhelmed by the support we have from fans. Being close to home with a bunch of your family, friends or co-workers, paired with the energy on stage is hard to beat. We have a good fan base out of state too (places like Philly or Mass) where it’s like home. Friends make us. When you have the crowd singing along to “Southbound” or a fan knows who you are out of state - it humbles us. It inspires us to keep creating.

What is your favorite song to play live?

Chuck: Train’ is a doozie. It’s off our first EP, Seconds to Home, but we have fused it with our new style. The drum part was re-written and we added an eight bar intro on top. The bell mimics a train and pushes through, but leaves things open for some high energy chops. Off the new record, it’s “Lake Zoar.” I can sit back on the chorus and people really seem to lock in with us, grooving side to side. It’s high energy and the lyrics float making it fun to sing along to.

If your band had a theme song (not one of your own) what would it be?

Chuck: “Scooby Dooby Doo, Where are you? We got some work to do now. No, seriously, where are you, set is in 20 minutes”

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