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Interview: The Carousers

Written by Melissa Zhuang

Congrats on the release on the new self-titled deluxe album! The album features the first five songs the band wrote together, typically what is the writing process behind writing a song together as band?

Joey: Thanks! The writing process has pretty much been me writing a lot of the songs first on acoustic and bringing it to the band. Cass and Andy throw in their own flare and it becomes our sound. A lot of the newer stuff we’ve been working on though has been more of a collaborative process, which has been fun and different. We’ve been trying to write together more and in the same room.

Although this is a self-titled album, were there any potential names that fell through?

Joey: Hmmm… from memory, I can recall us messing around with some lyrics from songs off the record to be potential names…. but none really felt right and captured all of the songs.

Is there a favorite song from the album? Any specific parts you’re really proud of?

Joey: I think collective its “Cracked Pot”? It really changes for me. “Another World” was the song originally I thought was the best out of the collection. It was the only single released before we put out the record.

Cass: “Cracked Pot” is definitely my favorite musically, I’ve got a fun bassline and the chorus is super catchy. But I think “She’s The Devil” is super fun to play, especially at a house show or show with a bunch of our friends, since everyone knows the lyrics and sings them at us!

Joey: Yeah, I definitely agree.

Who did the new album art? Care to tell us what all the doodles mean?

Joey: We did! We drew everything ourselves. It’s all mixed in who drew what, but I’m pretty happy with how it came out.

Cass: I know there are a bunch of random doodles on the front, back, and the CD itself. But we did draw some that represented song lyrics! From the pumpkins, planets, board games, eyes on fire, it all has meaning!

You guys all attended Monmouth University, did you guys decorate your graduation caps with anything?

Cass: I got cheesy and did the Blink-182 smiley face with “well I guess this is growing up” in cut-out letters!

Joey: I’m pretty sure I was lame and did nothing haha…. It also seems like forever since I’ve been in school. I’m such an old man.

You guys originally started playing shows at your college house, any favorite/odd decorations you like to bring to a show? Any pre/post-show traditions?

Cass: When we had our EP release show, and the She’s The Devil music video shoot, we wanted to have some sort of banner with our name on it behind us. We also didn’t want to may a lot of money to have one professionally made. SO…I went to Walmart and bought a white bed top sheet and some spray paint and did my best. I don’t know if we have any specific pre-show traditions, but right after our shows we like to rate how we think it went on a scale of 1 to 10. Keeps us aware!

Joey: Not for our shows, but most band practices we would start off playing “TNT” by AC/DC. We wouldn’t really get past the “OYs” in the intro though hahah…. It would’ve been pretty funny to start a show like that.

Alright, fess up. Who’s the one who usually makes the memes? Also, why are there so many memes of just Andy?

Cass: I’m usually the meme-maker, and Andy just gives us a lot of meme fuel with all of his drum faces. We all appreciate a good meme!

How tall is Andy really?

Cass: 7’13”

Joey: And that’s without heels!!!

Not only do you guys write your own music, but you guys also play covers. Any favorites you’ve played? Any other song covers on the to-do list?

Joey: I always like when we do “Lean On Sheena” by The Bouncing Souls. Well…. actually, it was ORIGINALLY written by a member of The Mighty Mighty Bosstones. I had no clue about that until Andy told me.

Cass: We’ve played “Hey Jealousy” by the Gin Blossoms a couple times, which is always a really fun one. I grew up listening to them, and they were the first concert I saw, so it holds a special place in my heart!

If you were stuck in a 7 hour road-trip, what album(s) would be playing on repeat in the car? Why that specific album?

Joey: Oh wow… I’d probably say ‘Warning’ by Green Day, ‘Pinkerton’ by Weezer, and ‘This Year’s Model by Elvis Costello would be in my mix. I really like ‘Bleed American’ by Jimmy Eat World too. Ahhh.. and ‘On The Impossible Past’ by The Menzingers… All those albums I can listen front to back and it never gets boring.

Cass: Oooh, good question. For me it would probably be ‘Riot’ by Paramore, ‘New Miserable Experience’ by the Gin Blossoms, ‘Fight The Good Fight’ by The Interrupters, and ‘Nothing Personal’ by All Time Low.

While we’re in quarantine, what’s the typical day-to-day, stay-at-home outfit?

Cass: When there’s nothing to do, sweatpants or leggings with hoodies and fuzzy socks! When it’s a Zoom call work-from-home day, normal sad human clothes.

Joey: No pants every day.

Tell me a dad joke.

Andy: We don’t do that anymore.

Joey: hahah

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