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Interview: The Ones You Forgot

Written by Linette Ray

New Jersey based pop-punk band The Ones You Forgot brings the nostalgia of mid 2010s bands like All Time Low and Green Day mixed with the bouncy vibes of State Champs and they're here to make their stamp on the industry. After touring with acts like Seaway and Four Year Strong as well as hitting the main stage at the 25th Vans Warped Tour in 2019, it's safe to say that The Ones You Forgot are simply the ones you need to remember.

How did you come up with the name for the band? Was it a collaborative idea or did one person come up with it and everyone liked it?

It was super simple actually. Jenna made a big list of phrases she liked, and The One You Forgot was the one that stuck!

Was it hard to find your sound or did you know the genre of music you wanted to dive into right away?

We knew we wanted to dive into the pop punk/pop rock realm, but that’s about it! It all developed as we continued to write new material, play live and grow.

How has your sound changed from Peaks & Valleys in 2015 to your upcoming single “Something For Me”?

Over the last 5 years since our first EP, we think our sound has grown to be a lot more mature and polished than where we started with Peaks & Valleys. The music itself hits harder and the melodies are catchier, not to mention the improvement of Jenna and Ferd’s songwriting abilities!

Speaking of the single, what is the inspiration behind it?

A yearning for self love, respect, and sticking up for oneself!

Credit: Bill Cardella

If you could collab with any band who would it be? What about if you could tour with any band?

There are a few bands that we look up to who would fit this category. The Maine, Mayday Parade, and All Time Low would be some incredible choices for that! We grew up listening to them and feel our sound matches well with them.

Which bands do you channel for inspiration?

Our music tastes are so different from each other, yet we draw inspiration from all of them! Some of them are actually the ones we would like to collab with in the last question!

How would you describe your writing process? Is it smooth and does it flow easy or is it chaotic and comes in spurts?

We have a few different approaches in regard to our songwriting process. For a lot of ‘Too Afraid to Say,’ we all sat in our practice space together and wrote music together (after putting all our phones in a literal top hat!). Ferd also loves writing songs alone and letting his ideas flow. A lot of the time he will write out a song and record a rough demo, then email it to us all and we will learn it and write our own parts based on the basic song layout. Sometimes the song is completely done and nothing is changed/added until we hit the studio. As for ‘Something for Me,’ this was the first song we’ve done that Jenna wrote on her own and brought to the band.

How have you been keeping yourself entertained during the pandemic? Have you written any music?

During the pandemic, we have taken up streaming on Twitch to help keep the band engaged with our friends and fans remotely. We figured that since we all play video games together all the time anyway, we might as well broadcast it and hang out online with our fans! New music has been in the works as well, and we can’t wait to put together all the wonderful ideas we’ve had during these lockdowns.

Without letting out any secrets, what can you tell us about the plans TOYF have coming up?

We don’t have any solid dates on anything just yet, but we’re planning out a music video (or two) and another EP for you all! There are some more songs in the arsenal, and more to be created, and we can’t wait to see where the next release takes us!

Anything else you’d like to add to the interview?

Just want to say thank you so much for taking the time to chat!

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