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Interview: The Worst of Us

Written by Bella Boutiette

The Worst of Us is a band based out of Boston, MA. The band originally formed in 2013 but now consists of none of the founding members. Matt Long joined the band in 2015 as the bass player but swapped to vocals just a few years later. While playing shows around MA, Matt met current guitarist and vocalist, Wesley Horton, who joined the band in early 2018. While finishing up their EP in 2019 their drummer at the time was replaced by current drummer, Brody Briggs.

What’s the meaning behind the name of the band?

Matt: Personally I think it could mean a lot of things to a lot of people. To me I think TWOU represents the outcast who doesn’t want to be like everyone else, someone who doesn’t follow the trend, someone who wants to be who they want to be. The Worst of Us isn’t just a band anymore. We’re a community of amazing people who can relate to our stories and lyrics and can form a true connection. The Worst of Us is for anyone and everyone. Anyone that wants to be a part of our journey. It’s not just Wes, Brody and myself that makes The Worst of Us. We’re all The Worst of Us.

What was your favorite and least favorite part of touring?

Wes: Favorite for me was trying so many different foods and restaurants that we just don’t have in MA. I also really enjoyed just hanging out with my best friends and seeing the south and being in a much warmer place with much nicer people. Least favorite was probably driving and struggling to find time to sleep and never having a consistent sleep schedule.

Matt: I have to agree on the food part, especially sight seeing and playing music with my brothers. Least favorite is getting sick and sleeping.

Brody: I also agree on the food, trying different foods is great. But yeah, just hanging out with my friends and going out and doing what we love everyday. As for what I don’t like, it’s probably not having time to check out the places we go and explore a b9it. I also love watching the plants change as we drive to new places and looking at the different sceneries as we drive. I like to see what kinds of forests each state has as we travel.

Wes: Totally agree. You expect to have time to see shit in each state but you really don’t. Sometimes we would have to play a show and rip it 7-10 hours to the next stop because we literally wouldn’t have time to do anything else based on how our tour was routed. You get to “be in Virginia” but you can’t go sightseeing really. Very few opportunities for that type of stuff, unless your tour is really spaced out but I think we all consider that a waste of time.

What’s your favorite show you’ve played so far?

Matt: Soundbar in Orlando, Florida. Hands down the most insane show we’ve played on tour. As far as hometown opening for Kingsmen at Fête Music Hall. Pretty damn close to being the craziest we’ve seen Fête.

Wes: Toss up between Orlando and opening for Kingsmen.

Brody: Opening for Escape the Fate and Bless the Fall or opening for Kingsmen at Fête.

Wes: Yeah Escape the Fate and Bless the Fall was sick too.

Brody: Soundbar was pretty wild.

Matt: Escape the Fate was a whole other experience in the big room.

Who is your dream band to tour with?

Wes: Maybe like Killswitch Engage or A Day to Remember. Just my favorite bands and always wanted to fit on that level somehow.

Brody: For me probably Pierce the Veil and The Plot in You because I just look up to those bands a lot, especially Landon Tewers talent for songwriting.

Matt: My dream band to tour with would be either A Day to Remember or Of Mice & Men. I’ve been listening to them for at least 10 years and they introduced me to metal and so many other bands.

Who are some of your biggest influences/inspirations?

Matt: My biggest influence has to be my mother. She pushes me to do my best with literally everything I do, whether it be in music or my personal life. So grateful for her. I also really look up to our producer Chris Piquette. I’ve been working with Chris for over 5 years now and nobody has done more for me musically than he has. Truly the best dude I’ve met in the industry.

Wes: My father crushed life and always tried to push me in the right direction, even when I didn’t listen. We share the same name, so I’m sorta motivated to live up to everything he’s accomplished. Honestly Brody and Matt too. They’ve gotten so much better since we have started and we have all been pushing each other and encouraging each other. It’s seriously become extremely cohesive as a result. We’ve beat each other up a ton but it’s turned us into a monsterous band. Even just the healthy competition between me and Matt as vocalists is huge inspiration. We’re honest with each other, we both want to get better, and we both push each other to do just that. Same with Brody just massively improving.

Brody: Honestly I just saw rock music videos on tv when I was a kid and realized immediately that I wanted to be a musician. I usually just watch amazing drummers on the internet. Constantly watching drumming videos for inspiration like Matt Garstka, Alex Rudinger, Mike Johnston and even my teacher Aly for helping me realize a lot of things about myself. I also look up to my carpentry teacher from high school because he just had a lot of integrity and treated everyone with respect and was constantly working hard in and outside of school. He helped me get my life on track when I was going down the wrong path. Seeing people constantly working as hard as they can to become the best they can be inspires me. As weird as this sounds I draw a crazy amount of inspiration from anime characters like Izuku Midoriya, Straw Hat Luffy, Roronoa Zoro, Goku and Vegeta. Anime has been one of the biggest positive influences in my life. And like Wes, I definitely get inspired by him and Matt because of how dedicated they are. I feel like we all make each other want to become the best we can for the bands sake. Sorry I’m going way too in depth.

Wes: Yeah shut up weeb ;)

How do you feel the new single (Existential Days) compares to the older stuff that you’ve released?

Wes: I think it’s different and “riskier” so to speak compared to our other music. I love the old stuff but I think the new song is like a more developed form of our sound. I think in general, different but better, more matured sound.

Matt: Definitely different. I don’t know about risky because I think it’s the best music we’ve written together. The new sound is everything we’ve talked about adding to our music and honestly new inspiration keeps on rolling through. I love that I can say we’re an open minded band. We’ve become more than just a metal band. Pushing my boundaries into singing has taught me a lot about appreciating other kinds of music and all I have to say is you’ll be surprised with a few of our newer tracks coming in the future, you can count on it.

Brody: Yeah, honestly I think the new song just captures a lot of really modern sounding elements that make it a bit catchier than the older stuff. Honestly it’s so weird because when I first joined I thought the band was going to get wicked heavy but I’m super glad with the direction it’s going. It’s just modern and relevant and people outside of the metal genre have enjoyed it from my experience showing it to others.

What’s your favorite song you’ve written and why?

Wes: Instrumentally Clarity, just because it encompasses every type of metal I like into one song. Lyrically Existential Days, because it has a heavy intense meaning behind it that I think is really special.

Matt: Existential Days for sure. The lyrics mean so much to Wes and I from a personal experience we faced together. I feel that the song made us stronger than we ever could have been. Lyrically it’s the best we’ve ever written together. The verse patterns, the melody, and the intensity. I think ED truly shows what we’ve been up to, for now.

Brody: Honestly I haven’t really written any songs but my personal favorite song that’s released is Things You Can’t Fix Are Meant to Die or Existential Days. My personal favorite hasn’t been released yet though.

If there was one message you could say to all of your fans with what would it be?

Matt: If there is one thing I could say to anyone and everyone who listens to us it would be that we love you so much and we are nothing without each and every one of you. Without y’all we wouldn’t be anywhere. Our music may come from our hearts but it’s created for everyone and anyone who wants to listen and join in on the journey we are on.

Wes: Yeah, that’s it.

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