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Issues w/ Sleep Token, Polyphia, Lil Aaron - The Palladium 12/7/19

Photos and review courtesy of Caroline Moll

Sleep Token


Lil Aaron



Metalcore band Issues stopped in Worcester, MA during their Beautiful Oblivion tour, and blew away the crowd. Preceding their headlining performance were openers Dreamwake, Sleep Token, Lil Aaron, and Polyphia. With a lineup the length of a small festival, one might think the crowd energy would lull at times, but this was not the case. Every set was just as dynamic and energetic as the last. Each could've had headlining spots as their own, with Polyphia even getting the crowd to ask for an encore.  Issues lived up to the hype created by these amazing openers perfectly. Fan favorites like Drink About It had the audience participating with an insane level of enthusiasm. Of shows in the Palladium, this was one of the best put together productions I have seen as far as all-around stage elements. The stage set-up, lighting, setlist, and performance style was top notch and allowed for an unforgettable experience. Whether fans were old or new, everyone in the venue was giving Issues back the energy they were putting out. These artists, Issues especially, know how to put on a show. 

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