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Keep Up - Funk 'N Waffles 9/10/19

Photos courtesy of Emma Bick

Show Review:

If you haven’t heard of Keep Up, you have been missing out. The Central New York based trio recently put out their new album, Up In Flames. To celebrate its release, they hosted their album release show at local venue Funk ‘n Waffles. The show was opened by other tremendous local acts such as Hope Is (punk rock, for fans of Far From Over), closure (indie rock, for fans of American Football) and Between Now and Forever (pop punk/metalcore, for fans of A Day To Remember).

Keep Up’s sets are generally quite unique, as the members of the band continually swap instruments with one another. Throughout the set, sometimes even a couple times per song, they would jump up and swap with someone, which added a very fun element to the show. Their set was the better part of an hour long, playing songs off of their new album, along with a few older originals and some covers sprinkled in. They covered the likes of Third Eye Blind and Fall Out Boy, exciting the room with Jumper and Sugar, We’re Goin’ Down.

The set ended with their song Déjà Vu, although they returned to play City To City for an encore.

I left Funk ‘n Waffles that night with a feeling of joy, excitement. This may have been partially due to the chicken and waffles I was bringing home, but the show was absolutely a big part in it. Every band, the entire bill was filled with energy, it was an entire room of people who truly enjoy what they are doing.

Keep up with the band on their socials:

Twitter: @KeepUpOfficial

Instagram: @keep_up_official

Facebook: @keepuporshutup

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