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Motion City Soundtrack w/ A Great Big Pile Of Leaves, Sidekicks - House of Blues Boston 1/6/20

Photos and review courtesy of Caroline Moll

A Great Big Pile Of Leaves


Motion City Soundtrack


2020 is off to a rockin' sadboi start, and I am perfectly okay with that.

Motion City Soundtrack took the House of Blues stage last Sunday in Boston alongside openers Sidekicks and A Great Big Pile of Leaves. Great music combined with dynamic and beautiful stage elements allowed for a successful night overall. Each band brought its own unique energy to the stage, putting on a solid show for all attending.

A Great Big Pile of Leaves started the evening off fairly lowkey. Although they may not be the perfect display of amazing stage presence, this band is still a joy to watch perform, as their love for being on stage is evident. The crowd seemed to know the majority of the songs, singing each word back with the same relaxed yet elated energy. It was a great way to kick off a night of music that would heighten in hype as it continued.

Sidekicks took the stage next, bringing with them ten times the energy as their predecessors. Frontman Steve Ciolek came ready to deliver an amazing performance. Audience members simply could not be bored watching him bounce, drop, and swing around stage. While Ciolek certainly stands out, the rest of the band certainly did not fail to deliver a fantastic performance as well. 

Lastly, Motion City Soundtrack took the stage, met with a warm welcome from what frontman Justin Pierre called "the largest audience during their tour so far". For a band so notable, their humility while both speaking and playing was clear and charming. Hits like "Everything is Alright" and "The Future Freaks Me Out" started and ended the set with the crowd returning high energy to the band having a simply amazing time on stage. While many original fans of Motion City Soundtrack have claimed to have outgrown the "sadboi rock" music, enthusiastic audience members nearly filled the venue, dancing, singing, and enjoying themselves with those around them.

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