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Review: America Part Two "Talk It Out" Single

Written by Melissa Zhuang

America Part Two, NJ alternative rock band released their new single on 10/28 titled “Talk It Out.” The trio consists of 3 friends from New Jersey: Alex Fabio, Fred Koechlin, and Sam Weingarten. It’s a single that is grungy and punk-pop with scratchy vocals accompanied by a sick beat to keep the energy bouncing around throughout the song. Inspired by their DIY touring experiences that has dragged the band through the toughest of times and best of times, those experiences and that energy is channeled through their music.

Credit: @benjaminmlieber

America Part Two has previously released an EP in 2017 titled “Pure,” produced by Adam Cichocki at Timber Studios about the members’ adolescence experiences. It’s a pretty different vibe from their recently released emotionally-raw, angry single that is determined to “address glaring fallacies baked into the sociopolitical climate of America” as stated from the about section of their website. “Talk it Out” is an angry mix about rebellion and conflict, with a few drops of added sarcasm to create a recipe for a punchy, head-banger-of-a-song. It’s got a bass line that pops in and out to weave together the distorted melody of the guitar and a crazy beat to create a song that’s fun, fucking angry, and fucking amazing. This is a band that likes action and wants to inspire action and it’s kind of amazing to listen to.

I just wanna say I love this line:

“Last night I had my very first panic attack

But all you saw on my story was my fluffy ass cat”

America Part Two is currently on tour this Fall and you should definitely catch them at one of the last shows on the tour!

11/12: Dallas, TX

11/14: Orlando, FL

11/17: Atlanta, GA

11/20: Amityville, NY 

11/21: Philadelphia, PA

Follow the band on their socials:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AmericaPartTwo/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AmericaPartTwo

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/americaparttwo/

Website: https://www.americaparttwo.com


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