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Review: Balancing the Different "I Hope You Believe In" EP

Written by Melissa Zhuang

With vocals headed by Tyler Gonzales, know for his Tom Delange Blink-182 inspired style, the pop-punk band released their new EP on February 15, 2019 titled “I Hope You Believe In.”

The California natives play a punchy, head-banging series of 5 songs. They open with “Before You Walk Away,” a high-energy go-wild kind of teenage dream immersion with a glamorous guitar solo spaced throughout the middle and end. One of those perfect songs to listen to in your teenage bedroom while singing into a hairbrush mic and jumping up-and-down on your bed. “I need a late night answer before you walk away” demands lead singer Tyler as the song takes you on a wild late-night journey.

It follows with “Dilapidated.” The song begins with an eerie hook that almost sounds like the bokeh of a photo before slamming you with grizzly, powerful vocals and fuzzy distortion. It’s a pretty good guarantee Travis Juch on the drums had wild time with this song.

“Liquor & Highs” is like listening to a roller coaster ride and going up and down. The deep blend of guitar riffs, glides, and pucks build up a bridge that slams you full speed ahead. The true definition of a pop-punk song.

“Painful” takes its time, slowing vocals to create this gravelly, rough crawl that builds to a slow rise. It’s like lulling yourself into a trance after a long-ass day when you don’t wanna think about anything but just feel the music.

And finally, last but not least “Solo” ends the EP. The band blends of mix of background vocals and angry guitar riffs that give this feeling of soaring and ripping through clouds in the sky as Tyler screams into the mic “does it hurt to see me soaring solo?”

Balancing the Different, I can truly say Mystic Music Magazine believes in your music.

Keep up with the band on their socials:

Instagram: @balancingthedifferent

Twitter: @BTDifferent

Facebook: @BalancingTheDifferent

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