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Review: Boy In Space "Caroline" Single

Written by Melissa Zhuang

Boy in Space (aka Robin Lundbäck) is from the quiet town of Alingsås, Sweden. It is a small town known for its significance in introducing potatoes to the country of Sweden. In a short intro video simply titled, “I am Boy in Space,” Robin describes the town: “It’s boring sometimes, but when you’ve been in the big cities for a long time you’re longing to go back.” With his blonde floofy hair, fear of spiders, and love for chocolate ice cream; he’s got the golden locks and personality of a friendly golden retriever.

His newest single, “Caroline,” is one of three singles set to be released for the Spring of 2020. Dropped on February 7th, 2020 “Caroline” is a series of singles written about intimate, bubbling emotions and life experiences: one-sided crushes, heat-break, and unfulfilled hopes.

“Caroline is that girl that you're crushing on but is completely out of your league and untouchable,” Robin said, noting that, “we all knew a Caroline growing up.”

In his signature singing style, Boy in Space pitches his voice into a high soft flow that zips you up in a spacesuit and leaves you floating in the darkness of space amongst the stars. Electric synth melodies and plucked guitar reverb paired with a R&B beat creates a pop dreamy sequence that’s perfectly depicted by the fuzzy, colored distorted visuals of the “Caroline” music video. Influenced by American music and style, Boy in Space, takes those chill California vibes and spins out a breathy, catchy chorus that rides atop a guitar melody.

Credit: Apolline Cornuet

Take a listen to his other singles (“7UP,” “Cold,” “On A Prayer” ft. SHY Martin, “and “Drown”) and you’re taken on a journey of nostalgia to teenage summer romances and music videos featuring friends and family in his hometown of Alingsås, Sweden.

Listen to the live Spotify recording of “Caroline” and you’ll get a taste of Boy in Space’s vocal and performance talents. I promise he sounds as good singing acoustic as he does in the studio recordings. Boy in Space is one of the musicians that would be amazing to hear live; he knows how to silence a room with just a few song verses.

Caroline, Caroline

On my mind stuck for life

I don’t think I’ll ever forget you

Oh, in my eyes tears of mine

Take my heart and my life

Caroline tonight I need to hold you

If I could make a wish

I would get courage to tell ya

The ghost under my bed tells me don’t you even try

And if I had a bird I would send a thousand letters

But I ain’t got a thing cuz you’re not here by my side

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