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Review: Cat & Calmell "Dramatic" Single

Written by Michaela Norton

As if 2020 wasn’t enough, Cat & Calmell are upping the 2021 energy with their latest single “Dramatic.” The thick as thieves pair, Cat & Calmell, are from Sydney, Australia. They met at an after-school program that focused on the arts. Just in their early 20s, Cat & Calmell released their first single “Dumbshit” in 2020, and the duo are now serving us with this dark and twisted new release and music video “Dramatic.” The two are lively and animated, and it shows!

Dramatic, released on January 15, is an alternative pop song and one of the duo’s favorites. The song is all about the resentment towards the lack of positive change from lawmakers. They say “we wrote this song as a way to express our frustration with the people in power and their complacency with the state of the world, it’s a cry of frustration from our generation to theirs and we hope it resonates and you think it’s a good jam!” Cat & Calmell express this concept quite poignantly and romantically singing, “you tell me that you love me then you go ahead and choke me.” This deep message is hidden in an upbeat, catchy, and dark tune. It would take you a few listens to realize that this is a ballad for the people, against the man.

The song is also accompanied by an aesthetically pleasing video directed by Louis C. Brandt. The video takes place mostly in a mental hospital where Cat & Calmell are dragged on hospital beds and interviewed by faceless men until they break free. Colors play a big part in the video to heighten the mood of each scene with many neutral tones to symbolize the detainment and flashy purples and greens to reflect freedom. All the while, the trendy, futuristic, and goth style of Cat & Calmell still shines through.

Not only an alternative pop song to cruise in the car top down to, “Dramatic” impressively portrays a real opinion on the state of our world. Cat & Calmell did an incredible job of mixing entertainment and artistry with this song. This duo is definitely a pair to watch out for in the upcoming years given their extremely captivating two singles and unforgettable vibe. Cat & Calmell will make you want to grab your best friend and never leave their side.

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