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Review: Christian Sparacio "Baby Blue" Single

Written by Melissa Zhuang

Former Colby College football quarterback turned indie folk singer-songwriter, Christian Sparacio, premiered his newest single, “Baby Blue” on April 14th. The Marlboro, NJ native played football growing up and began his un-official music debut while singing in hot showers at home. It wasn’t until junior year of high school, after enrolling in Chrous, that he formalized his music training. Ever since then, he’s been chasing after the music dream.

“Baby Blue” bloomed during the quiet stillness of national quarantine, but inklings of the song started a year and a half ago on the very same acoustic guitar heard in the song. Delicate, finger-plucked notes float beneath Christian’s breathy falsetto and it’s not hard to hear the Hozier, Alt-J, Mt. Joy, and John Mayer influences. To the fans and Christian alike, the disappointment of cancelled shows and the uncertainty of times brought on a multitude of questions about the future. While life went on pause in the world, Christian took some time to jot down his feelings.

Christian writes: “born from Quarantine, Baby Blue is an ode to long days spent inside reflecting, and finding peace in the uncertainty of the future.”

Picture a hike in the woods one misty morning and dipping your toe at the edge of a lake, watching those ripples spread across a still water surface is the perfect visual translation of “Baby Blue.” Layered vocal tracks and an ebbing bass-line add depth to this multi-layered song.

This isn’t the only song to come to fruition under the blanket of quarantine. Christian previously released a quarantine song titled “Cold.”

In an Instagram post he writes: “Cold is a war of the mind. In isolation introspection is our only companion and often our greatest foe. This quarantine is our Cold. While frightened by what we see when we look within, we ultimately grow. Then, just like the Cold, this too shall pass.”

Stay safe and healthy out there.

From “Baby Blue:” I don’t know where I’m going but I’ll be there soon I don’t know where I’m going but I’ll be there soon My baby blue come burn with me we’re burning like the breeze.

Talk to me please, I’m waiting. Talk to me please, I’m waiting. Talk to me please.

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