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Review: David Shaw "Shaken" and "Got Me Feeling Good" Singles

Written by Palak Jayswal

David Shaw’s powerhouse single “Shaken” doesn’t shy away from build up. The catchy beginning draws listeners in immediately, and Shaw’s drawl entices them to stick around as he tells a tale of overcoming insecurities. His raw vocals are both encouraging and inspiring. It’s a rock n’ roll take on overcoming self-doubt, and one that is convincing.

“Got Me Feeling Good” has a nostalgic element to it, almost like it transports you to your favorite ongoing tv series where it’s featured during the happy moments. In fact, the song is best described as that — a happy, go-lucky sonic trip. The toned down, relaxed production and beat of the track. When Shaw sings, “All my troubles, long gone,” listeners are inclined to believe him, shedding their own worries one second at a time while listening.

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