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Review: Go For Gold "Let Me Go" Single

Written by Linette Ray

Hailing from Arkansas, pop-punk band Go For Gold is back again with their new single “Let Me Go,” fresh off the release of their debut album “Daydreamer” in 2019 and newly signed to InVogue records. Composed of Jared Williams (Guitar), Spencer Vinson (Vocals), Jake Anderson (Drums) and Garrett Otts (Bass), the band brings consistent upbeat guitar riffs, pulsing drum beats and clean vocals track after track that they release.

“Let Me Go” is an upbeat, fast paced song with incredibly catchy lyrics. Angsty lyrics mixed with an early All Time Low vibe tell the story of navigating a relationship that is failing from both ends. The chorus hits with the lyrics “Passed out in another bed / Fell asleep with one of your friends / Told her to keep it low /But you’ll be the first to know / Sick and tired of the same shit / Laying around in your old basement / No longer in control / It’s time you let me go.” You can definitely hear how trying it must be to both parties involved and how going around and around in circles in the relationship just isn’t what either person wants to do anymore.

The music video is simple to follow but powerful altogether. Through the video, you see the falling out of a couple that appears to have had a happy relationship. As the song progresses, you see the couple start to argue and get distant from each other, losing the bond they once had.

All in all, Go For Gold is most definitely a band you want to keep your eye on because they’re bound to go far in the music industry and you’ll want to be along for the ride.

Keep up with Go For Gold on their social media:

Twitter: @GoForGoldAR

Instagram: @goforgoldar

Facebook: @goforgoldar

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