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Review: Harry Hains "Bang Bang" Single

Written by Melissa Zhuang

The non-binary, proud gender-defying elctro-human Harry Hains, most noted for his role in the Emmy Award-winning American tv series: American Horror Story, posthumously released his single, “Bang Bang.” The Australian-born actor/producer pursued his dreams of modeling and acting across the Atlantic Ocean to LA after a sunny holiday in the city. With a list of independent shorts and a growing roster of acting gigs, Harry fully embraced the creative juices flowing through the capital of entertainment during his time in LA.

Performing as the genderless transhuman named ANITBOY, Harry calls the shots on the true definition of existing beyond the confines of gender. “Bang Bang” is a dark reinterpretation of the classic Nancy Sinatra song “Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)” and a part of ANTIBOY’s gothic pop electronica concept album, A Glitch in Paradise. With “paradise” referring to: “a sonic and visual portal…into an age of existence where there is complete unparalleled freedom to live without preconceptions and societal labels.”

In collaboration with 3D artist, brother, and designer, Sam Hains crafted a music video for the single that features a video-game glitch-fest of neon greens and pinks. The player travels through a misty, haunted game-park shooting love bullets at laughing skeletons as ANTIBOY’s electro-vocals sing to a backing of cascading notes. It flows like a haunting lullaby sent to curse an ex-lover just as he is about to drift off to deep sleep. ANTIBOY has put his own eerie twist on a classic as timeless as the broken-hearted tales of angry lovers.

A Glitch in Paradise’s darker deeper concept is an exploration of ANTIBOY trapped in a virtual world re-living past mistakes in an endless loop of heartache inspired by Harry’s then partner Mike. The latest post on Harry’s Instagram captioned: “Legends never die” explains ANTIBOY’s birth as “a vessel for poignant self-expression” for Harry to simply be him/herself and share his deepest, darkest, and most passionate of emotions.


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