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Review: Holding Out "Florida Man" Single

Written by Linette Ray

Newcastle upon Tyne trio Holding Out, composed of Ellis Paul (lead vocals/guitar), Harrison Spry (drums) and Tomm Money (bass/vocals) are back with the release of their new single “Florida Man” following their 2018 debut EP “FED.UP.” The band whose sound is constantly evolving into something different came in swinging with this new track and I can honestly say that it’s a banger.

“Florida Man” starts out with a slower, more melodic acoustic guitar melody which makes you think that this song is going to be a more mellow tempo. The rhythm changes quickly into one with punching guitar and drum notes and Paul’s vocals are strong yet gravely in a super enticing way. Holding Out has vibes along the likes of Tiny Moving Parts and PUP, which you can clearly hear in this song.

When you think punk rock, think Holding Out, who take pieces of different genres and sub genres to create their own signature sound. Keep up with this band because they’re going to go far, I guarantee it.

Keep up with the band on their socials:

Twitter: @HoldingOutUK

Instagram: @HoldingOutUK

Facebook: @HoldingOutUK

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