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Review: Ionika ft 808 Carter "Perfect" Single

Written by Melissa Zhuang

Artist, music producer, rapper, songwriter, and DJ known as Ionika, aka Edward Cai, has released his newest single, “Perfect” (ft. 808 Carter).

Haling from Watchung, New Jersey, Edward found his start in music by writing and producing dance and dubstep music at age 12 with influences from: Skrillex, Avicii, Monstercat, and Dabin. His first EP, The Meltdown, was released in 2014 and in 2015 became the youngest participant of the NYU’s Steinhardt’s Summer Electronic Music Institute. Edward was mentored by pop producer, Lauv, and experimental artist, Yonsei and in 2016 released his debut experimental electronic album, Reality. It featured collaborations with friends from the NYU Steinhardt program including Jacob Alexander and Anthony Sprunk.

Edward’s dive into hip hop and the R&B scene promptly began in 2017 and incorporated his electronic music background with hip-hop in his 2nd album, the afterlife. It also featured collaborations with musicians met through the Steinhardt program with a focus on Ionika’s Chinese background and his musical journey. His exploration of the Asian American hip-hop scene (88Rising) pushed him to focus on rapping and recording his own lyrics. Generation Wavy was formed in 2019 with rapper, 808 Carter (aka Timothy Huang), and Ionika as a record label with an emphasis on representing the underground sound of tomorrow and expanding the Asian music scene. They feature singer-songwriter Ashley Claire, rapper MATCHA. Singer songwriters Sera Selin and Annie Dang, and artist Eric Tam Nguyen.

“Perfect” is the newest sinlge released under Generation Wavy. Ionika describes his new release: “’Perfect’ is a song about me asking a girl I like to come over and telling her how beautiful she is…I wanted to let this girl know how perfect she was.” It features a slow R&B beat with soothing smooth vocals with contributing lyrics written by 808 Carter: “Eddie wanted me to feature on this track, so I wrote some lyrics that I thought would fit the vibe of the track. The first part was written discussing the complications in a previous relationship I had. She never paid attention to me, was always distracted, and never made time for me. So my verse is a contrast to Ionika’s part where he discusses how perfect his girl is, but I’m talking about the imperfections.”

Ionika’s music journey has been a constant invested process, building upon his past musical genres and incorporating melody and new lyrics while collaborating with friends and fellow artists. With “Perfect,” Ionika’s seductive beat with an R&B flow that makes this new single breezy and easy listening.

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