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Review: Keep Up "Up In Flames" Album Review

Written by Emma Bick

Central New York natives Keep Up are currently one of the heaviest hitters in the Syracuse scene. Despite being one of very few pop-punk bands in their area, they have prospered massively on a local level. Their latest album, Up In Flames, was released on September 6th.

City to City is a perfect representation of the sound that they carry. The track rides in with distorted guitars, which help set the angsty vibe of the song, and frame many of the other tracks on the album. The lyrical content speaks of doing what you feel is right, despite what others may argue about it. Vocals throughout the song are catchy, straight to the point, but punchy enough you can bop your head to them. The style of this LP is comparable to All Time Low’s albums Nothing Personal and Don’t Panic.

Centuries is a little more low key compared to the rest of the LP. Although it has a slower drum beat, it still contains jumpier choruses. The verses and bridge are much more laid back, almost stripped down. This song could be compared to The Hurt is Gone, from Yellowcard’s final self-titled record. It contains a bit more of a dreary feel, while still maintaining that pop-punk vibe, much like many of the songs on that Yellowcard record.

If you haven’t, “kept up” with these fellas, make sure you get on that! They are setting out on their record release tour this coming fall, starting September 10th at Funk ’n’ Waffles in Syracuse.

Stream the album on Spotify and keep up with the band on their social media!

Instagram: @keep_up_official

Facebook: @keepuporshutup

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