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Review: King Solomon "I Need That" Single

Written by Emma Bick

Miami based rapper King Soloman recently released his new single, ‘I NEED THAT’. The

Brooklyn native’s new song is comparable to his other songs, yet still very unique in its own

way. It contains a very tight drum track, accompanied by a piano riff in the intro. As the song

opens up, he adds in a low end synth with his vocals. The chorus is a bit more fast paced, with a faster drum track and vocals. I felt that this added a very nice balance, and definitely

appreciated how it fit into the song.

King speaks about overcoming challenges, and putting in work to get what you want. He talks about not letting others put you down, to work towards your goals despite what others may think. King also mentions about getting his life back on track, and the work it took to get to that place. Stylistically, I felt Soloman was similar to fellow rapper Comethazine. While King’s beat appears to be a little more simplistic, I feel that worked very well for this song. I felt it helped me focus on the vocals/subject matter a little bit more, but still gave me room to appreciate the beat itself.

I would definitely keep an eye on King Soloman!

Check out King Soloman on his socials:

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/kingsoloman236fbclid=IwAR0MeJe5gCzxQxdw2Lk7lKRf-ieeq4IiLy6XHxIfytzN237wCMiqCGq7HLs

Instagram: www.instagram.com/kingsoloman_/

YouTube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCg2JdH9aohYUP5EufIz283w

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