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Review: Moana A "Wild Card" Single

Written by Melissa Zhuang

Moana A, singer-songwriter, teacher, and world traveler is set to release her new single, “Wild Card” on Jan 17th, 2020. I sat down with her to talk about the writing process behind this new single and her childhood growing up by the sea:

Born and raised in the French section of the Caribbean islands of Saint Martin, Caribbean’s; Moana A, like the Disney princess, grew up on a literal sailboat singing and traveling across the ocean to various islands and “seeing a lot of dolphins.” Life on the boat wasn’t all fun and games, it meant maintenance and hard work: cleaning, painting, and bathroom duties – there wasn’t time to be lazy and it was that drive and motivation that shapes the person she is now. Between taking classes via the French education system and life on the boat, on quiet evenings after dinner, her musician parents would invite their musician friends to gather together and jam late into the night. Traveling the world and living in the Caribbean islands meant being surrounded by a blend of culture and listening to musical influences from all over the place. Take a listen to Moana’s earlier songs and you’ll hear a Calypso beat and in other songs she’s experimenting with pop, rock, or R&B.

Her new single in almost 7 years, “Wild Card” is set to be released on Jan 17th, 2020. The song started as a collaboration with music producer, LAIN. Moana would type out early drafts onto her phone memo notes and also took inspiration from the #MeToo movement to create this song about female empowerment. Not only is this the re-birth of her personal singer-songwriter career, but Moana has created a fusion of country, rock, and pop in her new single. “Wild Card” builds up from a simple, pounding piano track into this blend of banjo, guitar twangs, drums, and choir vocals. It’s one of those songs that just makes me picture her with a cowboy hat on a horse as it saunters off into the sunset of an old ghost town.

This is a wild ride you don't want to miss.

“I won’t close my mouth, my eyes, my heart.

I’m a lady but that’s not all. 

Not on display, I’m a doll. I am loud, boy.

I’m a scandal.

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