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Review: Peyton Moormeier "Habits" Single

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Written by Linette Ray

Georgia born, North Carolina raised teen heartthrob Peyton Moormeier is here with his second single “Habits.” The singer, songwriter and content creator sprung onto the scene recently with his debut song “Love Letter” and has continued to grow his following since then.

“Habits” starts off immediately with a catchy beat that makes you want to bop your head. Moormeier’s smooth vocals and rhythmic beat add a layer to the song that works well with the vibe. Moormeier starts to list off his ‘bad habits,’ including not being able to take advice without feeling attacked, being insecure and hiding problems that he should talk about, which possibly caused the end of a relationship.

The chorus goes on with “I fuck with the devil, I’m getting my demons up” and “The difference with me is I cannot be beaten.” The second half of the song travels into the habits belonging to the other half of the relationship. Singing “maybe your selfish ways, could be the reason that I can’t look myself in the face,” and “you yell and tell me all the things that I have heard before.”

“Habits” showcases the realities of relationships, that both sides have negative habits and traits that contribute, both positively and negatively, to either a relationships’ success or downfall. Falling somewhere in the realm of pop and rap, Moormeier manages to make the two combine effortlessly and with the talent and success he already has, this is just the beginning.

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