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Review: Pollyanna "I Promise, I'm Lying" Single

Written by Melissa Zhuang

Pollyanna, a NJ pop rock trio, has just released their new single “I Promise, I’m Lying” on

November 18 th accompanied by a bubblegum pink-as-hell music video to follow. Lead singer and guitarist Jill Becket, drummer Dan McCool (a wonderfully fitting name), and bassist Brandon Bolton have created a fun, depressingly optimistic sound that questions being “unreasonably or illogically optimistic.”

The band began in 2013 when 13-year-old Jill started writing and playing music with friends

from her home garage. They originally performed under the name of Chasing Down Sunset until 2017 when the name changed to Pollyanna. (Let’s pause for a quick google search: “Pollyanna: (n.) an excessively cheerful or optimistic person.”) In August 2019, Brandon Bolton joined Pollyana and the trio was formed. Since their humble garage days, the trio has now played with the 2017 Vans Warped Tour and opened and toured with The Dangerous Summer, Have Mercy, Modern Chemistry, Oso Oso, Future Teens, Hot Mulligan, Heart Attack Man, Walkney, The Stolen, Shortly, Small Talks, and Kulick.

In their new single “I Promise, I’m Lying,” the song starts with a groovy, pop base and song

lyrics that question the crazy, jealous, roller coaster of emotions that bubble up during a shitty relationship. “I promise I’m not crazy I’m a little in a rough spot” pleads lead singer, Jill Becket. We get a taste of modern indie punk rock influences and gentle guitar riffs to accompany Jill’s gritty, distorted vocals. The mix of cymbal tings and a jumpy bassline poke fun at the song’s otherwise tortured lyrics as we watch Jill slowly go crazy waiting for her loved one to come home from a night out with friends. If you listen even closer, you might even pick up on some of the xylophone tings mixed into the chorus of the song. It’s these small details that make the song so much more fun to listen to. I’m picking up on some major modern Paramore pop rock influences and I’m liking what I hear.

You can watch “I Promise, I’m Lying” here:


Upcoming Winter Tour Dates:

12/1: Orlando, FL | Soundbar

12/3: Raleigh, NC | Imurj

12/6: Lansing, MI | 127 House

12/8: Buffalo, NY | Stamp’s Bar

12/9: Montreal, QC | La Sotterenea

12/11: Boston, MA | O’Brian’s Pub

12/12: Brooklyn, NY | Gold Sounds

12/13: Long Branch, NJ | Brighton Bar

12/14: Long Island, NY | Amityville Music Hall 

Keep up with Pollyanna on their social media:

Facebook: @pollyannanj

Twitter: @pollyannanj

Instagram: @thisispollyanna

Spotify: Pollyanna

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