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Review: PrettyMuch "Smackables" EP

Written by Angela D'Amato

Californian boy band PrettyMuch recently released their first EP since 2019 on their new record label Sire Records. The deluxe EP, Smackables, was released February 26th of this year. It consists of 6 songs, each having a unique style compared to their prior releases.

The first song on the project is called “Stars.” This was the single of the EP. It kicks off with a solid beat that it maintains for the duration of the song. It keeps you interested and wanting to dance. The song talks about how beautiful someone is, saying “The stars above match your eyes." The song then goes on to talk about how feelings can get in the way, but you still want to chase after that person no matter what. That you will wait for them because they are so beautiful. In the music video that accompanies the song the band performs a choreographed number as they are well known for dancing. Throughout the song there are many references to space, like stars and constellations. This was a good single to release to build anticipation among fans for the EP.

The next song is titled “Parking Spot.” This song was an instant favorite. It’s about someone getting their heart broken. The first verse speaks on forgetting everything that happened, saying “What’s the location? I could pick up my heart.” The song talks about having someone who you thought you’d be with forever, thinking it was all a lie because they left, and then trying to forget about how you met that person and all the memories you shared together. Although the song is about heartbreak and getting over someone the orchestration is upbeat and has a good rhythm.

Next up is “Free.” “Free” is a song about loving someone but having to set them free. This is a slower song compared to most of the others on the EP. The slow vibe gives their voices a chance to shine. They work amazingly together and they compliment each other in great ways. The song talks about young love but growing apart for different reasons. There is a music video that goes along with this song and in the music video one person leaves for college. “Free” also talks about falling fast for someone, but having to understand that if you love someone you have to let them go free so you can both grow. The song also repeats that you do not have to fix everything for everything to work out, which is an important lesson for young lovers.

Up next is called “Lonely.” The song, simply, is about being lonely. The band explained that they wrote this in quarantine when there wasn’t much to do. In the song they express that if someone called them, they would be there in a heartbeat just so they won’t be lonely or stressed anymore. They repeat multiple times throughout that they are not able to eat or sleep because they are so lonely.

Another favorite is “Corpus Christi.” This song is a bop. It has a quick tempo and is very danceable. It’s about a girl cheating on her boyfriend to be with one of the members of the band. One lyric states “She’s going undercover just so she can kiss me.” This is a feel good song that I can see myself jamming to on a summer drive.

Lastly is the title track, “Smackables.” This song was a bit more complex lyrically, but it is a fun song that talks about being sick of “California Lovin.” It also presents the idea of being “the one” but just for the summer. One interesting lyric was “No good in goodbyes.” It follows the theme of a short lived relationship. There is an insane dance number in the music video for this song that I highly recommend checking out. All of the music videos released alongside this EP have amazing choreography.

As of right now the band has not announced any upcoming plans but they stay very active on TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram. Give them a follow to stay up to date on what they're doing!

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