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Review: Rough Dreams "From the Grave of Better Days"

Written by Angela D'Amato

Knoxville, Tennessee based band Rough Dreams recently released their latest EP, “From the Graves of Better Days.” The EP is composed of all covers from bands like Grade and Saves The Day. The goal in doing an EP like this was to zone in on early 2000’s music. The band is made up of four guys who all shared the idea of creating songs with that late 90’s and early 2000’s sound, and bringing that type of music back into today’s society.

“From the Graves of Better Days” has four tracks. The title of the EP gives you a glimpse of the music you’ll hear as music from the “better days” was certainly different than it is today. The vocalist and guitarist of the band Chris Suggs expressed “The past is dead. You can never go back and live there, but sometimes it is nice to visit and leave flowers,” when asked about the EP.

The first song on the EP is called “The Artist in the Ambulance” originally released by Thrice. This song sets a catchy tone for the project. The beat remains powerful throughout the song. It’s easy to hear the passion in the band. This was an effective lead song for the EP. I hadn’t previously heard the songs on this EP, but after listening to the original of this song it was hard for me to tell the difference between the original and the cover.

The next song is titled “Termites Hollow” originally released by Grade. This song has some yelling in it which the band mentioned allowed them to utilize all three of their vocalists as well as push themselves to be able to achieve the authentic sound of the original release. This song is unique compared to the other tracks on the project. The original band Grade has expressed support for this cover. Grade was a big motivation for the band.

Next on the EP is “Nights Like These” originally by Lucero. The band said Lucero was a major influence for them, so they had to include them. This is a more relaxed song on the EP. The band switched up their instrumentation as well as used a different approach to make the song their own, but still keep it as the original. This makes the song more personal to them even though it was already a big part of their lives. This is a favorite off the EP as it's more relaxed, I could see myself listening to this on a summer drive.

Lastly is “At You Funeral” by Saves The Day. The band has been performing this song at live shows since day one, so it was only right they included it on their EP. This sounds like it would be amazing to hear live. The beat is catchy and the drums have a staple sound throughout the song that make it catchy and unforgettable. The band sounds great together. It would be interesting to see their first performance of “At Your Funeral” and compare the two to see how the band has grown since 2018.

Overall the EP has a great sound and is a good spin on some old songs for newer generations to hear.


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