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Review: SMALLTALK "Letter" Single

Written by Melissa Zhuang

SMALLTALK is back with another new single, this time inspired not by adventures of the outside world, but by life within the confinements of home. “Letter” was jump-started when Jakob Vanyo was scrolling through his endless stream of Instagram posts when he discovered JHS Pedals’s challenge to #jamwithjhs.

JHS Pedals is a family-like small business based in Kansas City, USA that stemmed from Josh Scott’s passion for quality effect pedals after years of touring and session work. Josh loves petals so much that his passion for petals expanded beyond the business into a podcast and a Youtube show called The JHS Show. It features weekly episodes featuring Josh and Nick Loux, fellow employees of JHS Petals, as they talk about “guitar, guitar petals, and the history of it all, as well as a healthy amount of playing.”

The challenge was to take a basic, unfinished segment of music that Josh and Nick had assembled and asked fans and followers to “join the band” and transform the segment into a completed song. Thousands of submissions rolled in from across the nation and SMALLTALK’s was one of the few hand-picked highlighted videos featured on the JHS Petal’s official Instagram page, as well as a follow-up episode on The JHS Show.

“Letter” evolved from a simple music challenge into a completed new single. SMALLTALK says about the song, "This song is about communication and human interaction- something I’m sure is on a lot of our minds at the moment. Something as simple as getting a letter in the mail can make you feel seen and connected- and maybe that’s something we need right now.” It’s got the characteristic feel-good elements of SMALLTALK’s pop-electro style. But “Letter” has a few tricks up its sleeves: birds twittering, low-fi piano, and a custom tambourine beat with fuzzy vocals/guitar riffs to create the smooth pop combo that’s so easy to dance to. Add “Letter” to your Dance At Home playlist and it’ll be sure to keep the stay-at-home party going.

From “Letter:”

i’m alone in my room

i’ve got nothing left to do

but sit and think for awhile

maybe call you on the phone

and say hello, how’ve you been

are you tired of staying in

well if it helps, we could pretend

we’re lonely long distance friends

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