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Review: Sweet Soul No Far No Further Album

Written by Maddie Hylland

Sweet Soul is a band from California, having members from the High Desert to Los Angeles, who try to incorporate new sounds into their punk rock songs. The band consists of vocalist Taylor Soul, guitarists Ian Manness and Zach Manz, bassist Kyle Esbin, and drummer Brad Racine. Just after 2 years since releasing their first EP, the band has collaborated with Chicago’s New Mortality Zine to put out their full length LP No Far No Further on January 22, 2021. The album infuses a mix of early punk and alternative rock making each song as catchy as the last. The album is different from the band’s previous releases as it has very personal lyrics as well as new ways the band has tried to push their boundaries on their sound to prove how much they truly have to offer.

The album starts off with “Some Nerve” which truly sets the mood and tone for the album as it is a fast paced song with some key punk elements. The song, as many of the album, talks about moving forward and being able to accept past pain and trying to understand it. The album has many recurring themes within the lyrics such as moving on and dealing with past pains. “The Moment” is just another example of the band showing fans and listeners how raw and personal they really are. The song talks about reflecting on memories with a certain person and all the time you spent with them and trying to move on from them. “At Odds” is another song that really stood out on the album. The band infused pop and punk influences and created an upbeat and uplifting song. The song talks about feeling stuck and knowing that there is more out there for you. Although the song is very upbeat, the song talks about a very personal and relatable message for fans that feel this same way. The album ends with “All the Same” which talks about coming to terms with finding out who we are and understanding our past pains and traumas. The song ends the album with a good message as the majority of the album talks about how to deal with past situations, people, and events.

Sweet Soul has created a personal, meaningful, and powerful album with No Far No Further. They have truly proved what they can do with their music by trying new sounds, writing deeper and more personal lyrics, and continuing to push their boundaries with their sound. This album truly allows the listener to relate to it in their own way and interpret their own meanings. Sweet Soul proves with this album that they will continue to make amazing music by adding their own twist to it.

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