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Review: The Carousers Self Titled Album Deluxe Edition

Written by Melissa Zhuang

NJ punk rock band, The Carousers, has been making sick dad jokes, eating dino nuggets, and playing the beginning of AC/DC songs before band practice since 2016 (source: FB about section). The birth of the band started when college friends and house-mates, Joey Affatato and Andy Jackle, recorded their debut demo through Blue Hawk Records, Monmouth University’s student-run record label. In preparation for their first live show, they sought out Cassidy Crosby for a temp bassist who later became a permanent member of the band family. Together the band has been playing a healthy combination of crazy house shows and bars/venues with stories of broken house windows, crowd-surfing in the living room, and D.I.Y. release shows. To learn more, listen to the On Air Interview with WTSR 91.3FM featured in the deluxe album.

During this whole quarantine business, the band has released a new deluxe edition of their self- titled album on April 7th.

With this new release, front-man Joey Affatato’s words to the world are: "this record was a lot of fun to make and we're excited to be able to do another release of it on streaming platforms with some additional content from live sessions we did and an interview...We hope you dig it!"

Composed of vocalist and guitarist, Joey Affatato; bass and backing vocals with Cassidy Crosby; and Andy Jackle on drums; the band’s sound is inspired by classic punk music influences like Green Day, Foo Fighters, The Misfits, Blink 182, Weezer, and Rancid. It’s no surprise that the very first song of the album, “She’s the Devil,” jumps headfirst into a frenzy of guitar riffs followed by Joey’s pitched-low gravelly voice and backup vocals from Cassidy. It’s the most played song of the album and blasts you headfirst into the crazy musical frenzied world of The Carousers.

Take a look at “She’s the Devil” music video with over 6k+ views, directed by Russell Cerminaro, that features a compilation of their live performances and back-alley music equipment load- outs post-show. There’s b-roll of Doc Marten boots, sweaty singing in small-ass bars with pretty fairy lights, and The Carousers tapestry hanging in the background of a white-brick room. You know these guys are dedicated to handing out gritty, late-night live shows and aren’t afraid sweat a little in the process.

“The Strangers” heads in the direction of classic, old-school 90’s punk rock. Definitely a song that’ll be sung to hair-swinging, knee-bopping crowds. This is one of the songs you know the band had a lot of fun putting together and shouldn’t be left off the set list of any show night.

“Cracked Pot” is a fun one to listen to. Unlike the first two songs of the album, The Carousers unplugged and paired their usual electric rock guitar sound with a strummed acoustic. That doesn’t mean the song is slow by any means. The pumped-up drum-line keeps this song up- beat as Joey, sings about falling for a girl that’s just plain bad news.

“Another World” is the shortest song on the album, but that doesn’t mean you should skip it. It packs a punch with one of the fastest beats on the album. “Halloween Night” has gotten a bit of the special treatment: its been featured in Spotify’s “The Best in New Punk” playlist and its re- mastered premiere was featured on online music magazine Punk Rock Theory. Yes, it’s the last song in the album and also the last song the band wrote for their debut 2017 EP, but there’s a reason it made the cut for the studio. Originally re-released in October 2019 in time for the Halloween vibes, the song is another personal favorite. I’m a sucker for the chorus backing vocal ohooo’s and the piano keys 3/4th of the way in.

From “She’s the Devil Man:” when the innocence fades, you'll see the fire she creates i hope you know i'm gonna tell you i told you so she's the devil man, you gotta understand she's the devil man, you gotta understand she's the devil man if i were you i'd run while you still can"

Watch “She’s the Devil Man” official music video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HVZTNH1GdPs

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