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Review: The High Plains Drifters "Since You've Been Gone" Single

Written by Palak Jayswal

Indie-rock band The High Plains Drifters are back with their first single from their upcoming second album. “Since You’ve Been Gone” is a time-turning, nostalgic track. In fact, it’s almost reminiscent of something you’d hear in the 70’s, with it’s techno-esque beat, harmonic back up vocals and chorus, and of course it’s overall story.

A story that Larry Studnicky knows too well — one of heartbreak, of losing the “one” and finding it difficult to move on. The story and the production on the track immediately pull listeners in, sending them back to their own long-lost memories, or to the glory days of the 70’s. But every aspect of the song fits together to bring this story to life: Charles Czarnecki, John Macom, Mike DoCampo, Kyle Cassel and Dave Richards all play a part in this transporting track.

“Since You’ve Been Gone” is hypnotic, and in a way, easy to listen to because of this aspect. But the way it pulls at heartstrings is subtle. It’s the perfect song to play driving around at night, a soundtrack to escape with a twist — because while it’s easy to turn to music to forget things, it’s just as easy to remember them.

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