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Review: The Ones You Forgot "Desensitized" Single

Written by Cassidy Crosby

New Jersey pop rock band The Ones You Forgot is releasing their first single of the new year titled “Desensitized”, available on February 5th! The five-piece band is made up of Jenna Bruno (vocals), Lance Nelson (bass), Ferdinand Benauro (guitar), Matthew Thompson (guitar), and Justin Rodman (drums). They draw inspiration from artists including All Time Low, We Are The In Crowd, and State Champs to create their unique and energetic sound.

“Desensitized” begins with catchy yet spacey guitar riffs that immediately draw listeners in. Soon after, the full band joins in with accompanying rhythm, which all together creates a sound reminiscent of early-era Paramore with a modern twist. The laid-back verses are complimented immediately by the upbeat pre-choruses and choruses, in which frontwoman Jenna Bruno tells listeners a story of keeping everything inside, and the repercussions that come along with it.

Each part of this song is captivating on its own, where you can hear each of the member’s unique styles and influences coming through. However, as a whole, it is a cohesive creation that truly takes the audience on a journey. Hints of alternative, indie, harder rock, and punk are audible undertones, while the melodic vocals overtop tie everything together.

“Desensitized” is a song for many moods. Whether you’re trying to relive teenage angst, overcome hardships through music, scream/sing at the top of your lungs, or simply have a solo dance party, this is the song for you! Following TOYF’s 2020 single “Something For Me”, 2018 EP “Too Afraid to Say”, and their many other songs available on all streaming platforms, “Desensitized” just might be your new favorite song!

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