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Review: The Safest Ledge "The Space Between Words" EP

Written by Cassidy Crosby

The Safest Ledge is an alternative band based out of Youngstown, Ohio. The 4-piece group adds aspects of rock, emo, punk, and hardcore music to their own songs, creating a sound that’s all their own. The band features vocalist Kennedy Conti, guitarist Mason Boano, bassist Mike Orf, and drummer Joey Koval. On August 14th, 2020, they released their sophomore EP, titled “The Space Between Words”.

The EP kicks off with a song called “Amnesia”. The song comes in immediately with an emotional-sounding vocal from Conti and a catchy, clean, and airy guitar line from Boano. The stripped down beginning to the track allows for listeners to be drawn into the song’s catchy melody. When the full band comes in, the song turns into a nostalgic experience, reminiscent of 2000’s emo music. The second song on the EP “The Space Between Words” is “Idontwannatalkaboutit”. The full band starts off right away with a slow, jammy instrumental intro you can groove to. About 30 seconds in, the song takes a heavier twist. You can’t help but tap your foot or head-bang to the rhythm of the choruses. By the end of this track, we return to the slow, jammy intro part, but this time with Conti’s vocals over it, which adds a whole new dynamic to the song.

The third song on this EP is “Mountain Eyes”, which, similarly to “Amnesia”, starts slower with vocals and guitar. As soon as the drums and bass came in, this song immediately became my personal favorite from this record. The second verse of this song spotlighted Koval and Orf’s super-tight rhythm section, and was definitely my favorite part of the song. The Safest Ledge had released the third, fourth, and fifth tracks as singles previously. The fourth track, and most recent single, “Grey Matter”, features a lead guitar line from Boano that will absolutely get stuck in your head after just one listen. This song sounds like it has the most complex drum part of the record, especially in the verses, and Koval holds it down impressively. The breakdown debuts Conti’s first screams of the EP, which pair nicely with the heavy hitting drums, bass, and guitar riffs. If you haven’t checked out the music video for “Grey Matter” already, you are most certainly missing out.

The final track on “The Space Between Words” is titled “Runaway”. This is easily the heaviest song on the record, and brought me right back to Warped Tour. The choruses are very catchy and melodic, while still retaining elements of hardcore music. The breakdowns of this song call for a pit (mosh or circle, you decide). The band keeps listeners engaged by utilizing bridges, breakdowns, and build-ups to keep things fresh and moving.

Overall, The Safest Ledge’s EP “The Space Between Words” is a must-listen! With the EP clocking in at just around 17 minutes in length, it is well worth your time. These five songs will keep you captivated, as you hear all of the different influences within the music. Keep your eye on this band, they’re going places!

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