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Review: Tink and the Lost Boys "Sentences" Single

Written by Linette Ray

Michigan based band Tink and the Lost Boys is what I consider a folk-rock band with the potential to reach a wider audience than they currently have and I look forward to watching them explode onto the scene.

Single “Sentences” is a perfect example of their folk-rock sound. The song starts with the acoustic guitar, an electric guitar joining soon after, giving off a relaxed feel right off the bat. Lead singer Jack Fulton’s smooth yet gravely vocals give off an almost Billie Joe Armstrong vibe which draws you in even more. The song is effortlessly catchy, the lyrics written beautifully with a deep message that each listener can interpret and I highly suggest everyone keep this song on repeat.

“Thoughts I Have When I’m Alone” definitely plays more to a grunge-rock vibe from the top. The single makes you reflect on your own thoughts and how you can go through something and believe you’re completely fine when in reality you’re not as fine as you think. The band did an amazing job at matching the well constructed lyrics to an equally well constructed composition and this is yet another golden song from the band.

If you haven’t listened to Tink and the Lost Boys, you’re definitely missing out on one of the best bands you could ever add to your playlists!

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