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Review: Torrey Mercer "Boys/Girls" EP

Written by Melissa Zhuang

LGTQ+ activist, broadway actress, and singer-songwriter, Torrey Mercer's pop-soul debut EP Boys/Girls has a message to send to all the girls and boys and everything in-between of the world. This is an EP that talks about the fun times, the awkward times, and all the weird, in- between times about relationships, love interests, and mis-understandings and mis- representations.

“Boys/Girls” has been sung at pride parades, during which Torrey would dawn the pink, purple, and blue bi-sexual flag while singing on stage. Take a look at the music video featuring animated figurines, floating hearts, and rainbows. It’s a cute, bubbly song with a simple piano track that perfectly sums up those butterflies-in-your-stomach feeling when looking at the boy or girl you’d love to go out for coffee with.

"Most women are happier at home” “The male is typically, the dominant role” “I think men should be able to veto women’s abortion”

Whoa. How does that make you feel?

Vico Velez Photography

“Like That” sums up the difficulties of dating. What does it mean to love someone and how can you be sure you like them in that way? What happens when your best friend likes you “like that” when you don’t like them in that way? Torrey pivots into space pop territory with the synth chords and pulsating bass; she takes us to the nebulous territory of confusing love, lust, and loco-emotions.

On the other hand, “Disclaimer” brings us into a completely new territory and is a showcase of Torrey’s vocal range. It’s a slow, sultry jazzy tune with the drama of a nightclub dance scene from a film noir. Just take a look at the black-and-white picture uploaded on her official audio video and you’ll get a visual cue of what direction this song is going towards. The sharp snap hits like a crack of a whip as she goes up and down her various vocal trills. This one is a fun one to snap your fingers to. It’s interesting how the EP progresses into darker territory the further you listen and “Disclaimer” is the official threshold to the dark side.

“Girl on the Run” goes back to the roots of singer-songwriting: guitar strumming paired with soulful lyrics and a stripped-down vocal track. This is a second personal favorite of the EP, just

because I love the lyrics on this one and I have a personal weakness for dark songs about broken girls. Just take a look at what Torrey has written:

“Girl on the run that started young Cause all

the kids got bored and started making fun Of

who she was and what she’s done Now she’s

wanted, stay away they’ve got a gun”

“Losing My Head (Demo)” is simply the acoustic piano and Torrey’s voice. Take a peak at her Youtube channel and you’ll see the uploaded theater performances featuring: “Legally Blonde,” “The 25th Annual Putnam Spelling Bee,” and “Hairspray.” The demo has the stage presence of a true theatrically-trained singer and performer and we’re hit with the full performance of her singing abilities.

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