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Review: Transviolet "Drugs In California" Single

Written by Palak Jayswal

Transviolet’s new single “Drugs in California” has the same psychedelic sound that the title exudes. According to the band, the single is about “a toxic relationship between fame and adoration” — perhaps a nod to their own rise to fame that happened almost over night.

The electro-pop single is fit with brilliant production — a distorted sound effect gives the listener the experience of being on drugs through a sonic lens. But the focus of the track centers around the experience of taking the drug rather than the drug (or, fame) itself. “Out of all the drugs in California, you’re the one that fucks my head up most,” croons Sarah McTaggert. The bridge of the track acts as a stabilizing moment — one of clarity in the midst

of euphoria, an almost tug-of-war with the allure of fame.

Transviolet has created an immersive track, a simultaneous antidote and warning to/of the perils of fame — and the best way to experience this is to listen along and heed the warning!

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