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Review: Troubled Minds "A Call to Anywhere at All" EP

Written by Linette Ray

Credit: Luxicon Photography

Arizona based Troubled Minds released their EP “A Call to Anywhere at All” this past April and it’s a flawless EP from start to finish. The musical composition paired along with the raw vocals of lead singer Matt Aldawood creates a perfect pop-punk sound that oozed Warped Tour vibes.

Opening song “Exit Stage Left” is a perfect song describing moving on from a toxic relationship and finding peace and happiness outside of it. The first lines “I’ve got no time to get hung up on your regrets, drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes,” is a fantastic way to set the tone of the song and lay the land for what you can expect, heartbreak mixed with happiness out of leaving a negative situation mixed with sadness for the other person.

“Catch Me and I’m Fine” is the kind of song you would play during the summer, driving down the highway with all the windows down. The musical composition most definitely falls under pop-rock but leans more towards the softer end of the spectrum, especially when the chorus kicks in. This is a song you’ll want to add to your playlists.

“Birdie” and “Tunnels” are the most relaxed tracks off the EP and are a nice difference from the strictly pop-rock songs that come before and after them. While the tracks stays true to the bands vibe, there’s something about the mix of the vocals with the underlying guitar that’s reminiscent of the band Trophy Eyes, which makes them even more endearing.

Closing track “No Compass” is the most pop-punk off the EP. The vocals were gravely, in the best way possible and the drums and guitar matched each other perfectly. If there’s any track off of the EP that screamed Warped Tour, “No Compass” is that track.

Stream the EP on Spotify and keep up with the band on their social media!

Instagram: @troubledmindsisaband

Twitter: @troubledmindsaz

Facebook: @troubledmindsaz

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