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Review: Troubled Minds "Vacancy" Single

Written by Sofia Felino

Troubled Minds is an up-and-coming pop punk band from Phoenix, Arizona. The band, who has spent their time opening for the likes of Turnover, Prince Daddy & the Hyena, and Heart Attack Man in the past couple years, will be releasing their newest single “Vacancy” this February 14th.

“Vacancy” is a classic pop-punk banger with a punchy chorus that’ll be stuck in your head for days (in a good way). “Vacancy” is about the tough choice to let a loved one go in favor of self-discovery. “I wish you could stay here, I’ve got this vacancy by my side. But if I never went and severed you off like a limb, how could I go on with pride?” laments vocalist Matt Aldawood. The song begins with an ear-worm-y riff, and the vocals have a bite to them.

“Vacancy” follows up the band’s 2019 EP A Call to Anywhere at All, which boasts standout tracks such as “No Compass” and “Exit Stage Left.” If you’re on the hunt for a new favorite pop-punk band on the rise, look no further than Troubled Minds.

Below is the link to pre-save “Vacancy” on all platforms. Those who pre-save will receive an exclusive acoustic rendition of the new single via email the day the song drops. Don’t miss out!


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