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Review: Upright Man "Hifidelic" Single

Written by Linette Ray

New York City based alternative rock band Upright Man has released a track off their upcoming EP and it’s definitely a song everyone should listen to. The band, composed of Aidan Dolan (Guitars/Vocals), Nick Katz (Bass/Vocals) and Max Yassky (Drums/Back Vocals) has managed to combine the grunge rock essence of the 90s and early 2000s with a groovy, synth-pop sound that you wouldn’t originally think would work, but for some reason works perfectly.

Credit: Sloane Morrison

‘Hifidelic’ features pulsing drum beats, a strong bass line, clean harmonies and raspy vocals that sing about the fine line between being a cynic and being an optimist. With lyrics such as “passed out at the slots for the seventh time” and “running ‘round on a rickshaw carousel,” the song has a light tone to it, almost as if all you can do is throw your hands up and go along with what life has to give.

If there’s any band you should keep your eye on, Upright Man should be the one.

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Instagram: @uprightmanband

Facebook: @UprightManBand

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