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Review: Wisdom and War "The Light In The Dark" EP

Written by Bella Boutiette

Wisdom and War is a band based out of Worcester, MA that combines numetal and hardcore. The band consists of vocalist Chanel, bassist Malik, drummer Dan and guitarist Josh, who also does backing vocals on some tracks. In October 2019 their EP “The Light in the Dark” was released.The EP consists of 5 heavy hitting songs that will leave you wanting more. The first song on the album is titled “Taste of Rage.” The song starts off with a fast tempo bringing lots of energy but as it continues the tempo varies. Slowing down during some parts to emphasize the vocals and to build suspense making this the perfect song to mosh to.

The second song on the EP is titled “Bloodline.” In the first verse we hear the words “Reverse the roles and see the world through my eyes” which sums this song up fairly well. They cover the topic of two people being vastly different and having contrasting views of the world. “Bloodline” is written in the point of view of someone who is happy to be different from the person they speak of. It highlights being independent and breaking away from views and lifestyles you don’t agree with.

Closing out “The Light in the Dark” is “Me, Myself, and I.” The song brings up the topic of struggling with your mental health. In the song we hear “To be alone in a room, with all your friends, cause they don't have a clue, of what's inside your head, wish I could ask for help, or learn to love myself, but I'm too busy, burning in the flames of my own hell.” Most people don’t think this genre of music has meaning like others but Wisdom and War takes a sound you wouldn’t expect and puts a lot of meaning behind their work. Throughout this whole EP every song has something different to offer but all with important messages and a heavy sound behind the words. The uniqueness of Wisdom and War has already caught the eyes of many. With just 5 songs released they will be a band to keep your eyes on as they progress in the scene.

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