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Review: Without a Sin "Colors" Single

Written by Angela D'Amato

Without a Sin is back to release their next single, which is off of the bands EP to be released this year. Their single “Colors" (released today, March 26th) is a song about the betrayal that one faces between a best friend and girlfriend.

The song is about people showing their true colors. Throughout the song I could feel the emotion in the lead singer’s voice as he was singing. The lyrics talk about people showing who they truly are and the varying emotions that follow. Some phrases thrown around are “Game of lies,” Your words mean nothing,” “I won’t regret,” and “Now you can see my true colors.” All these lyrics illustrate the pain and hurt that the band is trying to convey throughout the song.

The music video features dark shades of red and black that set the mood of betrayal and hurt. You see a girl who has been hurt and what she does to let go of that pain- ripping pillows and driving to her boyfriend. When the girl arrives, her boyfriend is with another girl and the band enters to pull her away. Dark colors are featured throughout the entire video, evoking those intended feelings of deception and anguish.

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