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Review: RONX "On My Own" Single

Written by Linette Ray

The Bronx based pop-rock group Ronx has once again brought us a hit, their new single ‘On My Own’ following the release of their 2018 album Division St. The trio, whose sound resembles that of a Neck Deep/Broadside mix, managed to keep their pop-punk vibes while bringing in underlying rock and grunge melodies, which shows how progressive the band has gotten since the release of their 2017 EP I’ll Just Go.

‘On My Own’ details the thoughts and feelings you experience after going through a breakup. Breakups are painful things, for the most part, and the song recognizes that but it highlights the idea that you don’t have to depend on anybody else for your happiness because you can create your own happiness.

Keep up with the guys of Ronx by following their social media:

Instagram: @ronxband

Twitter: @ronxband

Facebook: @RonxNY

Cover Art Credit: David Izarry

Photo Credit: David Diaz

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