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Sir Babygirl - Moroccan Lounge 11/8/19

Photos courtesy of Lauren Shelburne


Sir Babygirl reigned over the Morrocan Lounge in Downtown LA in a ‘90s wonderland. The stage was adorned with projections from everyone’s favorite throwback nick cartoons, Avril Lavigne memes and other videos that perfectly supported her theatrical performance. While a fun interactive show, Sir Babygirl’s professionalism and expertise left members in awe of live songs that sounded even better than on his “Crush on Me” album. 

Fans were called onstage to live every queer-theater kid’s dream by singing Wicked’s, “Defying Gravity” alongside the musician while a beautifully inclusive crowd screamed the lyrics. A queer artist himself, time was taken to celebrate every member of the LGBTQ+ community during the show. The show concluded with her hit, “Heels” as she stripped down to her underwear, strapon harness and nick slime influenced pasties and the crowd cheered and mourned the end of the show. 

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