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The Devil Wears Prada w/ Gideon, Junexa, Norma Jean - The Westcott 11/10/19

Photos and Review courtesy of Emma Bick



Norma Jean

The Devil Wears Prada


Ohio based metalcore band The Devil Wears Prada took a stop in Syracuse while touring their new album, The Act. Having been released just this past October, this album portrayed a slightly softer tone than their previous work.

Syracuse based post-hardcore act Junexa opened the show, hitting hard right from the start. Coming off of their debut single release, Counterfeit, the five piece roared with their heavy sound and fun vibe. There was constant movement, not only with the band on the stage, but within the crowd as well.

Next on the bill was Gideon, a Christian metalcore group hailing from Alabama. Having recently dropped their new album Out Of Control, they have been touring almost constantly since it’s release. I really enjoyed the energy these guys had. You could really tell that they were enjoying themselves as they played, which was a nice addition to their set.

Norma Jean appeared on the stage with a bang, enticing the crowd immediately. Like the other acts on this tour, Norma Jean also just released some new music. Their latest album All Hail came out on October 25th, and the Georgia group played many of the songs off of it. Half of their set originated from All Hail, only playing three or four songs from prior releases.

As they began their performance, The Devil Wears Prada captivated the audience of The Westcott. Their show contained a tremendous array of colorful lights, which added a very pleasant tone to the visual aspect of their performance. Much like Junexa’s set, there was near constant movement from almost everyone in the venue that night. The Devil Wears Prada brought an unbelievable energy with them to the stage on this tour.

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